How exciting is it to be able to work overseas at least once in life? If you’ve ever thought about taking your talents to another country for a while, you’re in the right place. International work experience doesn’t just thicken out your resume and make your experience list look good; it works in your favor when it comes to job references and interviews. Working abroad is a huge thing and it should be something you plan to perfection.

When you choose to work overseas, you are choosing to build your experience and improve your prospects. In the world today, overseas experience is highly valued, and yet so underplayed! If you have the chance to pack a passport, grab overseas health insurance and find accommodation to work abroad for at least a year, you should do it! The benefits are huge, but before you go, check out these five things that you should think about before you go.

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Get The Legal Stuff Sorted

Years ago, someone drew an invisible line in the sand and decided that people couldn’t cross it for free. These are now called country borders, and you need visas and permits to be able to live and work in places that aren’t your home country. I know, it’s rather ridiculous. Without these pieces of paper, however, you will not be allowed to go where you want to go. So, get the legal stuff sorted way in advance so that you have them available when you want to apply for work.

Work Your Costs

It’s lovely to sit and daydream about where you’d go and what you’d do, but unless you understand your potential earnings, you won’t know what you can afford when you get there. So, look online for grocery and utilities prices, rent costs and transport costs and make sure that your time abroad is achievable for you. Relocating to the other side of the world isn’t cheap, even if it’s temporary.

Working Conditions

Each country has their own rules and regulations about what is allowed with regard to your working conditions. Some areas won’t have limits to how long you can work every day and other places insist that you have health insurance. Understand the working conditions before you take a job anywhere: just in case they don’t match your expectations! You want to be safe wherever you are working, and this really does matter.

The Culture Shock

Working abroad is going to change the way you think about the world. You spend all of your time only doing things one way, so to do it another may be a shock to the system. While it’s exciting to dive into a new language, new food and a whole new culture, you need to be ready for it. You can make it fun, though – don’t just make this trip about work. Yes, the working part is important, but so is being able to enjoy yourself and explore. Plan your trip to include it all.

Invest In Connections

Speak to your phone provider before you go to make sure that you won’t be caught in a trap of spending tons of money on your 4G internet connection. You want to be able to keep in touch with friends and family so that they can see how well you’re doing.

This is a collaborative post.