In the 19 months since we became parents we have taken Piglet on holiday 5 times. When I write it down that seems like quite a lot! Two of those trips were long weekends not far from home, one was a week in Peebles for my brothers wedding and twice we have taken him abroad.

It can be quite daunting taking little kids away from home. Without your usual home set up you may not be sure how they will settle, or whether they will eat or drink enough. After doing it a few times I now have a handful of tips that might make planning a trip with little ones that bit easier!

Holidays With Kids | It can be daunting taking kids away from home for any length of time. I have a few tips that will make for an enjoyable trip for both mums and dads and kids alike

Go Self-Catered

One of my favourite ways to holiday is in a self catered apartment or villa. Even in the UK we often choose to rent somewhere for a few days rather than stay in a hotel. It means we can stick to our usual bedtime routine and not have to try and settle Piglet in a pram while we are out have dinner.

It means I can cook Piglet all his favourite meals and not worry about him being a fuss-pot when we’re eating out. He has a little more room than he would usually have in a hotel room to roam around, and I find it generally disrupts our routine very little.

Avoid The Heat

It is not surprising to hear that little ones don’t always sleep well when it is hot. We chose to have 3 of our trips within the UK. Keeping to a temperature that we are accustomed to just made life that little bit easier. When we did take Piglet abroad we opted to do it after the summer months have ended. When you start looking around you will find there are loads of options for out of season trips, such as Tenerife winter breaks¬†which have the added benefit of not being a super long flight away either.

There are plenty winter breaks to take in the UK too. Lots of cities hold Christmas markets, and you may find that places that are big summer attractions will still be fun to visit in the winter. We visited Landmark in November and still had a great time.

Holidays With Kids | Piglet with sunglasses

Pack Your Favourites

When we go away we take all Piglets favourite things with us. I don’t just mean toys, we take his bowls, cups and cutlery too. These little items make all the difference when you’re trying to encourage them to eat in a strange environment. Little touches from home make it seem more familiar.

Cold Water Steriliser

If you’re travelling with the under ones then you will likely need to sterilise at some point. I was still breastfeeding Piglet until he was 1 year old so we didn’t need to sterilise bottles but we did need to do his dummies. Milton cold water steriliser¬†meant we could do it anywhere. The water solution can be left for 24 hours, all you need to do it pop whatever you want to sterilise in for 15 minutes and then it’s ready to go.
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