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Dusty The Garbage Truck Review

Kids are always happy to make a mess aren’t they? Take all the toys out and spread them around the room faster than you can blink – it’s a daily occurrence in our house! What if there was a way to make tidying up fun? Make them WANT to put their things away?

We were sent Dusty The Garbage Truck from Real Workin’ Buddies to try out.  Would it be enough to get my rabble of nieces and nephews to cooperate and put away their Lego once they were finished with it? I was more than willing to give it a go and see how it works.

Dusty The Garbage Truck Review https://oddhogg.com

As soon as Piglet set eyes on Dusty he wanted him. The target audience is 36 months onwards, so it hadn’t really occurred to me that it would be something he would have an interest in. Let alone know how to work it. He was straight in though, pressing the button to make Dusty talk. He wasn’t about to let it be given to his cousins without a fight!

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But what does Dusty actually do? He has 3 different modes for picking up toys and then the ability to dump them out of the back once you’re done. The first mode is to simply push him over small toys, such as Lego, and have him pick it up. For larger items you can press a button to make him open wider and sweep the toys in. Lastly, you can drop small items into the exhaust pipe to collect all the last bits and pieces.

Last weekend we had a bunch of the cousins together. At 5, 4, 3 and 2 they made short work of spreading the Lego out in the conservatory. I thought that was prime time to give Dusty a try for the first time. The first thing the oldest said was “I’ve seen that on TV – can I try it?!” so I knew we were on to something good!

Dusty The Garbage Truck Review | Working together https://oddhogg.com

I have to say that at first we found it tough going. Too many hands squabbling over who’s turn it was made it difficult to actually do much picking up. It seems there is a bit of a knack to using Dusty in his simplest mode! Given 5 minutes alone with the toy though, the 5 year old soon had it nailed and was happy to show the others how to do it.

Dusty The Garbage Truck Review | Close up https://oddhogg.com

I thought that the moving mouth would be their favourite way to gather up the pieces, but actually I found them all running around gathering pieces that they could drop into the exhaust. I’ve no idea what attracted them to that but hey they were tidying so I’m not complaining!

Dusty The Garbage Truck Review | Filling the exhaust https://oddhogg.com

Dusty boasts the ability to say more than 50 phrases or noises. I have to admit that I don’t think we’ve heard that many, but as with most children’s toys I do tend to just tune them out. At the moment Dusty retails for between £35 – £45. Due to the moving parts I would have some concerns about the ability to break him, and so he is definitely more suited to slightly older children who are able to understand how to not be too rough.

If you want to see Dusty in action then check out the video below.

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  1. Oh Harry has asked for this for Christmas but I thought it looked quite expensive for that it is. I’m still torn as at 3 he is still very rough with his toys!!

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