Do you iron your clothes? I've tried cutting back on my ironing because as a new mum I'm running out of time - but I just don't like the look of unironed clothes. I'm looking for some tips on what I can do - leave them in the comments

I’m going to get a little controversial here. I’m ready to take on the hard hitting topics. I’m prepared for any backlash.

I want to talk about ironing.

Growing-up my mum ironed everything. Shirts, trousers, bed sheets, tea towels. You name it, she ironed it. So as a result I learnt to iron everything, and continue to do so now.

I have so many better things I could be doing with my time. Seriously. I could be spending time with Piglet, cooking dinner, sitting down for 5 minutes.

Time has taken a serious hit since Piglet arrived and that means the ironing pile can fairly mount up before I can tackle it.

So many people don’t do ironing but I just don’t understand how! Sure I could skip the ironing of my bedsheets, I’ll admit thats probably not strictly necessary. But the reality is I like the feel of clean, crisp, ironed sheets when I get into bed.

JHogg works in an office, it is expected of him that he will wear a shirt. So naturally they need ironed. I hate seeing someone in a shirt that clearly hasn’t been ironed. It is scruffy!

I do have a confession though – I cut corners when ironing JHogg’s shirts. He rolls his sleeves up immediately so usually I don’t bother ironing around the cuffs. Shock. Horror. I know.

What about our every day clothes? I’ve tried folding them straight from the clothes line, but there are peg marks, or they’re still crumpled. If I simply put them in the drawer they’d still be the same when I pulled them out to wear.

I hate the way crumpled clothing looks, and I would hate to think that other people were looking at my family and thought we looked scruffy.

My question to you is this – how do you do it? What is the secret to doing minimal ironing? Am I hanging my clothes up wrong? Am I just an ironing obsessive?

Send help!

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