When we did our home renovations we spent a long time looking at little details. With one toddler already and plans for another child we knew we wanted to have a home that was set up for family living. Some of our renovation priorities were about maximising family space, but we also had a focus on creating an easy life for ourselves.

Neither JHogg nor I are big fans of cleaning. It’s one of those things we avoid doing until the last minute, and so making sure that we designed our home in a way that makes it easy to maintain was really important. We put a lot of thought in to design features that would be we had no excuses to not keep on top of the housework – and here is what we did.

A section of housing floorplan

Design Tips For An Easy To Clean House

Plenty Storage

The first hurdle to cleaning is having to actually tidy up first. Design your home to have lots of storage strategically placed all over the house. Ditch the clutter (or at least the clutter that is visible) and have clear surfaces and floors to make cleaning quick and easy.

Laminate Flooring

A high quality laminate flooring is not only affordable, but also incredibly easy to keep clean. Once a day we give ours a quick sweep and hoover and 3 years on it still looks as good as new. It’s easy to spot clean spills and it doesn’t stain. Plus there’s no need to periodically sand and revarnish it like you do with solid wood flooring.

A living room, with 2 big windows with blinds on them and a radiator underneath. A white sofa has a rug on the floor in front of it and a large desk and desk chair behind it.
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Plenty Available Sockets

Technology is your friend when it comes to cleaning. Vacuums, steam mops, steam cleaners are amazing at making light work of the task at hand – but they need power! Make sure you account for these products when deciding where to put plug sockets, especially when it comes to the bathroom. Having one just outside the door means you can safely have use your cleaners without having to resort to extension leads and trip hazards.

Pay Attention To Paint

When it comes to choose paint most people focus on the colour, but durability is the name of the game when it comes to cleaning. Scuffs, sticky finger marks and general grime tend to get on our walls no matter how hard we try. Choose a paint that is easy to wipe clean – meaning you’re more likely to get on and do it.

Two tins of white paint with a paint brushed dipped in paint on the top
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Replace Tiles With Splash Panels

Nobody likes cleaning the grouting in-between tiles, so eliminate the problem and use splash panels instead! They are pretty common in bathrooms these days, but we went one step further and had a large panel placed int he kitchen too. It’s bright and acts as a kitchen feature, and only takes a quick wipe to clean along with the rest of the kitchen.

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