I have never really HATED my body, but it’s not something I’ve ever really felt the need to flaunt either. Expect for when I’m pregnant. There is something about dressing a bump that makes me more inclined to wear tighter fitting clothing and feel better about having extra lumps and bumps – I’m growing a baby after all!

Last Friday we had the pleasure of going to the wedding of some of our lovely friends. In the run up to the big day it occurred to me that I was going to be quite big by that point, at nearly 35 weeks pregnant there was no doubt that I was going to have a bump. So that raised the question – what could I wear to flatter my bump?

Maternity Style With Tiffany Rose | In the 3rd trimester it can be hard to find something to wear to flatter your bump and make you feel good. I have tried out a dress from Tiffany Rose to wear for a wedding at 34 weeks pregnant https://oddhogg.com

I had a good look around to find something that would not only look good, but also keep me comfortable as weddings can be quite a long day. It was during that search that I stumbled across Tiffany Rose and immediately fell in love with their dresses. They have a huge array of maternity dresses, for evening wear, day wear and even some beautiful bridal dresses. The offered to send me a dress to wear to the wedding, so of course I said yes!

I knew that I was going to want to wear flat shoes to the wedding, so I decided a maxi dress would perhaps be best as it would cover my feet and hide my footwear if I wanted! As much as I love some of their more fitted dresses, I knew a jersey maxi dress is something that I would be able to wear even after the baby is here and would be suitable for breast feeding too.

It took me a few days to decide on the right dress for me (I ran a lot of polls on my instagram stories!) but eventually I chose the Anastasia Gown with the Poppy design. The floral print is perfect for a spring wedding, and the shape is one which I knew would be flattering on me.

Maternity Style With Tiffany Rose | Dress in full https://oddhogg.com

You are advised to order a dress in your pre-pregnancy size which made me a little nervous as I have gained quite a bit of weight in this pregnancy. The dresses come in size ranges though, so I picked the right size for me and trusted their advice. I am so glad I did! The jersey material has enough give in it to mean that it fits me perfectly.

At 5ft 3in I’m not the tallest out there so it was no surprise that the dress was too long for me – even with a bump pulling it up at the front. I have never bought a dress that isn’t too long, so I’m quite accustomed to begging my mum to take the hem up a bit for me! It didn’t need to come up much though, and had I been wearing heels I probably wouldn’t have need it altered at all.

Maternity Style With Tiffany Rose | Dress with sash https://oddhogg.com

The dress comes with a lining which stops it from clinging in unflattering places. There is also a sash to go with it. Online the model wore it tied to the side at the front, but with my bump being significantly bigger than hers I decided it looked better tied at the back.

Maternity Style With Tiffany Rose | Dress tied at the back https://oddhogg.com

I found the dress so comfortable to wear and at no point was I dying to go and put on my pyjamas, which is what usually happens when I’m at home. I always knew I was going to draw some attention throughout the day, but the compliments I got on the dress made me confident that people were looking for the right reasons!

Maternity Style With Tiffany Rose | With husband in kilt https://oddhogg.com

Overall, I really do love the dress and I honestly think I would have felt the same way about most of the dresses available at Tiffany Rose. If you have an event you want to get a pretty dress for, or simply want to treat yourself for no reason at all then I can’t recommend them enough.

Maternity Style With Tiffany Rose | Maternity dress with 34 week bump https://oddhogg.com

I was sent a dress from Tiffany Rose for the purposes of carrying out this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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