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A Little Pregnancy Update

As those of you who follow me on social media will know, I am currently in hospital having steroids and preparing to have the baby. I don’t have my laptop, nor WiFi, so this post is going to be about as raw as blogging gets! No pretty pictures or editing (until I get home and inevitably add them…. because I’m that kind of person!) but I wanted to update you on the current situation and how I came to be here. So let’s roll with it!

A Little Pregnancy Update | At 35 weeks pregnant things have taken an unexpected turn. I didn't anticipate having to prepare to have him so early - but life with type 1 diabetes means you can't plan too far ahead! https://oddhogg.com

2 weeks ago I saw my diabetes consultant to discuss a plan for labour and the time immediately after, from a diabetes control point of view. We recorded all my current insulin needs at that time too, as those are the figures that you base your post pregnancy needs on. Over the course of the next 2 weeks I realised my insulin needs were dropping.

It wasn’t drastic. I can’t pinpoint a single day where it started, just a slow decline across the board. I made regularly (daily) changes to the rates on my pump and age extra snacks without insulin purely to keep me out of hypoglycaemia.

I mentioned this to my diabetes team on Monday and they seemed unphased, happy for me to keep making changes and keep on top of things. That put my mind at ease and I didn’t really think about it again.

A Little Pregnancy Update | 35 weeks pregnant https://oddhogg.com

Yesterday, on Tuesday, I had a routine antenatal clinic. I was concerned about the swelling I’ve been having, but my BP and urine checks came back fine so I didn’t think anything of it. The diabetes registrar on duty asked about my insulin and I briefly mentioned the hypos. A quick calculation showed my insulin needs have dropped by 20% across the board.

Insulin is a hormone, and as such it’s requirements are affected by hormonal changes in your body. That is a major reason for why you need so much more of it in pregnancy. If your needs drop it can indicate a hormonal change, which they tend to associate with issue with the placenta. The main concern being placenta failure.

This is not new information for me, it is something that I am all too aware of and is a risk that was made clear to me prior to getting pregnant. That said – you never think it’s going to happen to you.

I was sent for a scan to establish whether baby had grown. He had, by the perfect amount, and I was happily texting JHogg telling him all was fine. When I was called back in to see the obstetrician I didn’t expect there to be any further concerns. It seems I was wrong!

They had decided it wasn’t worth the risk to keep baby inside. All is currently still fine. He is growing and his heart rate is good. But if my insulin needs are changing it could indicate an issue is coming and it is safer to get baby out sooner rather than later.

I was admitted to the ward to receive steroid injections to help with his lung development, something I am very thankful we have the time for as Piglets lungs were underdeveloped when he was born at 36 weeks. As well as that I’m having 6 hourly CTG’s to monitor baby, who is doing perfectly.

A Little Pregnancy Update | Baby CTG https://oddhogg.com

There is no labour plan yet. We are taking each day as it comes, but I believe it’ll be in the next 7-10 days, most likely within a week. I’m still hoping to avoid a c-section, but of course I’m prepped to have it in an emergency.

Am I ready to have this baby? Absolutely not! The car seat is still somewhere in my parents loft, with the newborn insert stashed safely in Piglets bedroom. He is still nameless, his baby box with newborn bits and pieces in it isn’t due to arrive for another week and I haven’t done any meal prep for the freezer! None of those things matter though as long as he gets here safely.

I have a lot of time of my hands until he gets here, so no doubt I’ll be continuing to use OddHogg for a brain dump when I feel the need. More regular updates, and of course the all important news of his birth will most likely be on my instagram – so be sure to follow me on there to hear the latest.

Until then – wish us luck!


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  1. Good luck hunni. I saw your post on Twitter. William was meant to be here 16th January and he arrived 21st November. He was in for three weeks and home for Christmas! It was a tough time and very emotional BUT it’s all forgotten now. He’s five months, a little chubby thing, very smiley and I’m so grateful. They are little fighters and they amaze me! I hope you aren’t stuck in hospital for too long and I’m sending all my best to you and the baby xx

  2. Good luck, you’re pretty much exactly in the same stage of pregnancy as I am (I’m 35 weeks on Saturday), so I know how worrying it must be. It sounds like you’re in fantastic hands and I hope baby arrives well and safely. Totally empathise with things not being completely ready too xx

  3. I hope you’re managing to get plenty of rest and you aren’t being driven too mad with boredom being in hospital. It’s good they’re being cautious and looking after you so well, I’ll look forward to the baby spam soon-ish!

    Stevie x

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