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I was sent these PJ Masks vehicles in order to carry out a review, however all words and opinions are my own.

Ever since our trip to Florida Piglet has been obsessed with PJ masks. He dresses as Gecko regularly, has Gecko and Catboy trainers and can often be heard singing the PJ Masks theme tune. He is fully immersed in a toddler obsession and I love seeing his excitement when someone else is willing to play along with him.

When I was contacted to ask about reviewing some of the PJ Masks racers I said yes without hesitation. With Piglet’s birthday just around the corner I knew a Race Day party with his cousins is exactly what he would want!

PJ Masks Racers Review www.oddhogg.com

We received a box with everything we would need to host a race day. Along with the track, trophy, medals and checkered flag we received 4 racers. Gecko, Owlette and Night Ninja came as standard figure and vehicle sets, and Catboy came as a power racer. It’s extra large wheels and stocky design made it immediately stand out from the others, and I had a suspicion I had spotted our winner before the racing even began.

PJ Masks Racers Review | Catboy and Night Ninja www.oddhogg.comPJ Masks Racers Review | Gecko and Owlette www.oddhogg.com

As I predicted, Piglet was so excited to get started with the racing. He picked the Gecko Mobile, while his cousins chose the Cat Car and Night Ninja Bus as their racers, leaving Owlette free for my sister and I to have a turn with!

PJ Masks Racers Review | Boys with their vehicles www.oddhogg.comPJ Masks Racers Review | Piglet and Night Ninja www.oddhogg.com

I usually find that structured play like this doesn’t always work for Piglet, as he’s at an age where free play is king, but he grasped the idea of the game very quickly and was happy to wait his turn and wave the checkered flag. I loved that making this a group activity gives him a chance to practice sharing and served as a reminder that taking turns can make the game even more exciting in the long run.

The boys were having such fun with it that I had to capture some of it on camera, so you can have a closer look at the toys in action.

The vehicles all managed to withstand some pretty rough play from 3 excitable boys. They took turns in racing up and down the track for a while, and then realised that having the vehicles crash in to each other was fun too! Racers were swapped and rematches had, they played happily for hours. Even after his cousins left Piglet continued to play with them – in fact he’s barely put the toys down since.

PJ Masks Racers Review | Gecko and Owlette www.oddhogg.comPJ Masks Racers Review | Catboy Car and Night Ninja Bus www.oddhogg.com

Of course every race has to have a winner, and on this day it was Catboy. Whether that was down to the fact that he had the most streamlined vehicle, or because the oldest boy was racing him is still up for debate – but he secured the trophy either way!

PJ Masks Racers Review | Trophy www.oddhogg.com

If you want to get your hands on your own PJ Masks vehicles then they are available at Smyths Toys Superstores for £13.99 each.

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