Baby On a Budget

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When you find out you are pregnant it is so exciting. You imagine your perfect little buddle in adorable outfits, sleeping in the perfect moses basket or out for walks in their pram. Then you realise you have to buy these things.

Baby’s are expensive – no one will tell you anything different. If you’re preparing for a baby on a budget there are plenty things you can do to make it easier on yourself.

How to Prepare for a Baby on a Budget

  1. Know your limit: Work out what you can afford to spend. That goes for the nursery, pram, clothing. Unless you have a bottomless pitt of money somewhere you’re going to have to budget for these things. The earlier you work it out the better.
  2. Know what you need: Not what you want – there is a difference. For example, a baby doesn’t NEED a moses basket, they can go straight into a cot. You will need a car seat, but do you need to have the base or can you just strap it in? Make a list and stick to it.
  3. Accept hand me downs: For a lot of the newborn items I borrowed from my siblings instead of buying them. I am lucky to have 2 older sisters with 5 children between them, if I had wanted I could have had everything lent to me and not spent a penny. I borrowed a moses basket – they are expensive for what they are and the baby doesn’t spend that long in it. I bought Piglet a new mattress for ยฃ12 and voila – his bed was sorted. If you have any friends who have already had children see if they can lend you some or all of the items you need. I’m sure they’d like to see the items getting some use!
  4. Buy used: Gumtree, carboot sales, buy and sell groups on facebook – there are plenty places that people are selling off their old baby items. If you shop around you can find prams and cots in nearly new condition at fantastic prices. I have bought some of Piglets toys and a baby walker from a carboot sale recently, a quick disinfectant bath and they’re good as new!
  5. Wait for deals:ย You don’t have to rush out and buy everything straight away. Shop around and wait for the deals to come. We had chosen our pram but waited a few months for it to go on special offer before buying. As a result we got the carseat with it for free.

I hope you find these useful and can start to budget for your baby. Just remember to not get carried away and you’ll beย right on track!


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