A push present is something that more and more women are seeming to think they’re entitled to, simply because they’ve carried a baby for 9 months. It has become fairly common practice to be given a gift from your partner after you’ve had your baby. Personally,  I think the gorgeous baby you get is gift enough (boke – I make even myself want to vomit saying that. Sorry) and I did not expect or need a push present from my husband.

Whether it is a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates or and expensive piece of jewellery, it seems the push present ideas are never ending and the concept is here to stay. But should it really be all about the woman?

5 Ideas For A Push Present - For The DAD | New Dad's deserve a gift too. I've collated 5 different ideas of a present you could get for the father of your baby https://oddhogg.com

Piglet’s due date was just 6 days before our first wedding anniversary (he decided to pitch up 4 weeks early – he was an eager little sausage) and so JHogg went all out on a push present combined with anniversary present. I was given a beautiful diamond eternity ring, but what did I do to deserve it?

Sure, I was the one with the morning sickness, the back pain, the carpal tunnel – but he was the one listening to me moan about it all and stay by my side through a fairly traumatic birth. (Note: I love my ring, but I would never have wanted JHogg to feel like he HAD to buy me something)

So I decided to level the playing field and look for my own push presents for dads.

JHogg is a major whisky buff so the natural choice is a bottle of whisky. I got the idea from a friend who joked about a bottle of Dalmore King Alexander III, but it is actually the perfect gift! It hasn’t been opened yet, its being kept for special occasions to have the odd dram here and there. It did make a lovely prop for our newborn photo shoot though!

If you would like to get a present for a new dad when the baby is born then here are my suggestions:

A Hand Written Letter

This is the least expensive of all the presents, but also probably the most special. A letter or poem telling them how much they mean to you, how thankful you are for the things they do for you and how excited you are to see them grow as a father.

This is also a lovely option as a gift for an expectant dad, or even on father day. Something personal. Something heartfelt. Something to treasure.

5 Push Presents For A New Dad | Fountain Pen and Letter www.oddhogg.com

Newborn Hamper

Gifts for dads can be practical! Create a goodie bag or box of all the things you think he’ll need when you take the baby home. Some coffee for those late nights, ear plugs for when its his turn to get some sleep, menus for the local takeaways, a Tips for Dads book – you can make it as funny or as serious as you like!

The more thought that you put in to it the more it will be appreciated. Try and think of unique ideas that are really personal to you are your partner. In our house presents for dad always require a little extra time and thought as he’s guilty of going out and buying things he wants himself.

Personalised Special Time Cufflinks

I think these Personalised Special Time Cufflinks are adorable and would be a life long reminder of the time he became a Daddy. It is something unique, and the simple vintage clock face make it a classic gift for a new Dad.

Plus – if you ever forget what at what exact time your baby was born you can sneak a look at the cufflinks to check!

Daddy Bonding Tokens

Knowing how to interact with you new baby can be daunting if you’ve not spent much time with little people before. These Daddy Bonding Tokens give Daddy an idea of what he can do (plus gives you the benefit of 10 minutes free to take a shower etc while they’re bonding!).

If you don’t fancying giving them as a gift to the new Dad yourself, it could be a special gift from baby to it’s Daddy. A little hello just from them.

5 Push Presents For A New Dad | Father and baby holding hands www.oddhogg.com

Savings Pot

Like it or not, the new baby is likely to make money evaporate faster than you knew possible. A Savings Pot just for dad that he can toss his loose change into could be what he needs to know he’s earn a night out once its full!

Did you get a push present for Dad once the baby arrived? What do you think of the idea? I’d love you to share below!

5 Present Ideas For New Dads | Looking for a gift for a new Dad? I've come up with my top 5 of the perfect presents to give a new father. Both funny and serious - there's something for everyone https://oddhogg.com
Looking for a push present for your other half? I've compiled a list of fun and different gifts to give to the babies daddy to make him feel appreciated when the baby is born

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