With winter upon us, it’s time to settle in, sit back, and relax. Stay inside with the ones you love (and are in quarantine with). Take this opportunity to slow down a bit and enjoy the coziness of getting to be indoors when the temperature dips outside.

When readying yourself for winter, be sure to stock up on the necessities, such as food, an extra shovel, and warm winter wear. But, don’t forget about the fun essentials. There are a number of great ways to spend time inside and make wonderful memories.

A pair of hands in brown gloves holding snow in the shape of a heart
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Food and Drink

While Ceefax Teletext may have ended its 38-year broadcasting run in 2012, the nostalgia that remains in hearts abounds. Purchase a fun Ceefax mug to sip your favourite coffee blend, hot chocolate after some snow shovelling, or a warming hot toddy. Your requisite tea will taste better than ever just because you’ll have a little glee in your heart and a smile on your face thinking about some of the best football matches captured via the history of Ceefax.

And since these special mugs are both microwave and dishwasher-friendly, you can even use them to make your favourite banana bread into a mug cake. Since making recipes in mugs is such a simple pleasure, try out this recipe for microwave pizza in a mug. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy. 


Since you’re staying in with no timeline you’re beholden to, why not lounge around in some comfortable pyjamas? They’re cozy and relaxing. Wearing pyjamas all day lends a sense of delicious laziness. Sometimes you need a reason to set down your phone, unplug and unwind. A soft, warm robe goes a long way to complete the mood, as well. Pair all of this with a fleecy or fuzzy pair of slippers or socks and you’re all set.


Enjoy a family game night with some exciting new traditions. Try your hand (pun intended) at some new card games that even the young ones will appreciate. Spending time over a deck of cards or board games can bring on new topics of conversation and opportunities to bond and get to know each other on different levels. You may learn that one family member is more competitive than another or that chess is a wonderfully strategic game that you wish to become better at.


Place a basket of blankets in varying weights and fabric choices for all to get comfy in a central location. Set the mood of your home by lighting a warming fire in the fireplace. If you don’t have one, try out this alternative online.

A close up of the branches of a Christmas tree with white snowflakes and baubles
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If you had a tree up during the holiday season, consider leaving it up a bit longer. Remove the ornaments and keep the white lights on. Dim the overhead lighting and find a sense of hygge in the moment. Schedule a Zoom chat with friends and pour yourself a nice warm cuppa in your unique new mug celebrating memorable football championships from days past. Relax and reconnect together.

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