This month Piglet is 18 months old. He will be closer to 2 than he is to 1, and that is a scary thought! We are rocketing through the year and sometimes I have no idea what we have done all day. There are some many little things that I remember doing as a kid and I want to make sure we don’t miss out on anything with Piglet.

I’ve created a list of 20 things to do before you’re 2. A toddler bucket list of sorts. Some of these we’ve already done, and some we need to tick off in the next 6 months. We’ll have fun doing it though!

20 Things To Do Before You Are 2 | A Bucket list of toddler activities to try and do before their second birthday

  1. Feed the ducks
  2. Play peek-a-boo
  3. Play on the swings
  4. Spot airplanes in the sky
  5. Have a singsong
  6. Pop bubbles
  7. Jump in puddles
  8. Make a handprint in paint
  9. Splash in the washing up bowl
  10. Make a picture out of pasta
  11. Play hide and seek
  12. Make faces in the mirror
  13. Build a den
  14. Play with play-doh
  15. Help with some baking
  16. Play dress up
  17. Chase your shadow
  18. Build a tower
  19. Go swimming
  20. Watch a classic Disney film

Of course, I asked around to see if anyone else had any ideas. This is what they suggested:

Edinburgh Life With Kids “Go to the library or ride on a train”

Miracle Max “Have your first trip to the dentist”

Mama Cat + Baby Bee “Paddle in the sea, stroke a small animal, have an ice cream, help bake a cake, sit in a muddy puddle…”

Tantrums To Smiles “Have your first hair cut!”

Happy Mummy “Go to the theatre and see a pantomime”

One Small Human “Go stomping through leaves in the park”

Alternative Options

When I was enquiring about this, however, there were a number of parents who are apparently having a bit of a bad day! They’ve dished out some alternative suggestions for you to mull over.

Dad Up North “Poo in the bath”

Devon Mama “Sleep through the night. Sleep in past 7. Learn how to say ‘mama’ (I mean really, do I look like a car?!)”

Then There Were Three “Drive your parents utterly insane to the point they are rocking back and forth in a dark corner of a room clutching a wine bottle and straw”

This Mummy’s Always Right “Throw your toys into the toilet/bin/out the window. Parents just love it when you do….especially if it’s their purse/phone/car keys”

My Family Of Roses “Go to softplay and kick up a fuss about leaving”

Emma Reed “Take out Mummy’s stickers and place them on yourself and the furniture!! Yes, I mean sanitary towels”

But the voice of reason chimed in, in the form of the voice of Scandi Mummy. The most important thing to do before you’re two?

Know that you are truly loved

20 Things To Do Before You Are 2 | Piglet close up

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