I have had type 1 diabetes for 4 years now, and in that time I have heard some fairly ignorant comments. Some are innocent, some well meant and some just down right rude. I know that there are certain things that I would never say to someone with depression, cancer or other medical issues, and so I don’t understand why certain things are said to me.

As with all things related to my diabetes, I try to see the funny side and not take it too personally. I’ve compiled a list of things that have been said to me, or to people I know that really shouldn’t have been said out loud!

21 Things Not To Say To A Diabetic | I have had a lot of silly comments since being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. These are the best of the worst of things you shouldn't say https://oddhogg.com

  • Should you be eating that?
  • Why are you eating that?
  • ……. but you’re not fat?
  • At least it’s not something really bad, like cancer.
  • But you don’t look like you have diabetes.
  • My uncle has diabetes, he lost his foot.
  • My gran had diabetes, she died.
  • Have you tried changing your diet?
  • I’ve heard cinnamon is good for diabetes – have you tried it?

21 Things Not To Say To A Diabetic | Cinnamon https://oddhogg.com

  • I could never give myself and injection. Ever.
  • Ewww it’s so gross that you have to make yourself bleed.
  • But doesn’t your pump do all the work for you?
  • I thought only children had that kind?
  • Is it the bad kind?
  • How did you catch it?
  • Are you allowed to have children?
  • Did you eat a lot of sweets as a child?

21 Things Not To Say To A Diabetic | Sweets https://oddhogg.com

  • Does Piglet have it?
  • Our dog has diabetes.
  • Don’t you cure it with insulin?
  • If you just don’t eat sugar you would be fine though, right?

You’d be amazed by some of the people who say these things – I am usually pretty shocked myself! I try to use it as an opportunity to educate. Sometimes though I just have to take a deep breath and walk away!

What Next?

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