This week I’ve got Jo from A Rose Tinted World sharing 5 things to do in Bradford. Jo is a mum to one and writes about a wide range of topics from weightless to a zero waste lifestyle, plus everything in between. She has gathered her 5 favourite things to do in the Bradford area and hopes they can inspire you to visit.

Somewhere Free: Bradford Industrial Museum

There are so many free places to visit in Bradford, but one of our favourites is Bradford Industrial Museum.The city was built on the wool industry, and so this is a museum devoted to the history of cloth making. See how they took the raw sheeps wool and spun it, weaving it to create textiles. When it is in action the machinery is deafening.

Also at this museum are other industrial triumphs of Bradford. There is a whole section of motor vehicles that were locally built, and a section about the war efforts of Bradford. Finally there are some old houses which tell the story of how life has changed over the years, with exhibits of clothing and decor from throughout the last century.

Somewhere For The Whole Day: Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

One of our top recommendations for a full day out is to visit the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. This starts in Keighley, just outside Bradford, and takes you up to Haworth and Oakworth on the edges of the Yorkshire Dales. As you stop and get off at each station you can see all the attractions of each town.

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Oakworth station was used in the film “The Railway Children”. And Haworth is a lovely town with a steep main street leading up to a church. The vicarage was the home to the Bronte sisters, and is now a museum to their lifetimes and works. There are lots of lovely shops and stunning sights en route. It is just a great day out for all the family.

Somewhere Outdoors: Lister Park

There are lots of parks in Bradford, but one of the largest is Lister Park just to the North of the city. Lister Park is award winning. It boasts a boating lake, play areas, a nature trail and beautiful landscaped botanical gardens. The Mughal water garden is a large area full of fountains, which is perfect to visit on a hot summer day.

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Further to this, in the centre of Lister Park stands Cartwright Hall, which is now home to an art gallery. Free to the public, there are many works on display here. Including some of the early works of local artist David Hockney.

On a sunny day, there is no better place to be.

Somewhere to Eat: Saltaire Village

One of our favourite places to eat in Bradford is in Saltaire. This heritage site is where Titus Salt had his mill. He provided for his workers by building a whole community around the mill, with schools, hospitals and open spaces. Roberts Park just over the river is another great area to let the children run wild. The whole area is just a great place to visit.

The mill itself is now home to art galleries, and shops selling books, homewares and antiques. But one of our favourite parts of the mill is Salt’s Diner. They have a great selection of meals, snacks and drinks.

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However, I feel that I cannot leave this section without discussing Bradford‘s modern rich cultural heritage. Bradford is home to a wide mix of people and cultures, and there is a very large population of British Asians here. This means that Bradford is home to some of the finest Asian cuisine. No trip to Bradford would be complete without trying a local restaurant. Our recommendation? Akbar on Leeds Road just to the East of the city. But there are just too many brilliant places to call it.

Somewhere for Rainy Days

Even if it isn’t sunny there are lots of places to visit in Bradford. The National Science and Media Museum is right in the heart of the city. This museum is devoted to science, technology and television, and has lots of exhibitions taking you down memory lane. Meet a Dalek, the toys from ‘Play School’ or Wallace and Gromit.

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Entry to the Museum is free, and it has large sections on the history of TV, animation and gaming. Though if you do want to pay a little you can also experience a film in the IMAX cinema on the site. This year, an exhibition called Wonderlab arrived, showing you how sound and sight works and can play tricks on the human senses.

With so much to explore all under the same roof, you can easily spend a whole day looking around. And there is a cafe and picnic areas for when you are feeling hungry.

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