We are a family that loves playing games. JHogg and I often pull out games to play, either with the kids or with our friends. I love finding new ones that we can add to our collection, and as soon as I saw the Dough Nab game I knew I wanted to give it a try. A game about donuts – what’s not to love?

What Is Dough Nab?

Dough Nab is a donut grabbing card game that will keep everyone on their toes. It’s fun bakery theme makes it appeal for all ages, however it is recommended for ages 8+. Suitable for 3-6 players it’s designed to be an actioned packed family game. Get rid of all your cards and win the ‘Head Baker’ hat to show everyone you are the donut master.

A game in a box called Dough Nab. Plastic donuts can been seen through the box, as well as 3 chocolate donuts surrounding the box.Related Post: Face Paintoos Review

What’s In The Box

The basics of Dough Nab are very simple and there aren’t lots of playing pieces or a board to set up. In the box you will find:

  • 3 Plastics Donuts
  • 60 Donut Playing Cards
  • Turn Tracker Token
  • Head Baker’s Hat
  • Rules

The cards are surprisingly difficult to separate, but I’m hoping this is because they are new and will loosen over time. I love the little bakers hat, but I’m a little wary of the fact it is paper and fear it may not last with over eager hands at it.

An array of multicoloured donuts as part of the Dough Nab Game, as well as the game instructions. Some of the donuts are plastic, some are cards and some are made from chocolateRelated Post: Sri Toys Review

Playing Dough Nab

At first glance I thought Dough Nab was going to be really easy. I figured that it was designed for kids and all you had to do was match the cards, grab a donut and win. Simples. Except I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

There are little twists and quirks to the game that will keep you on your toes. Grab the wrong donut and you’ve got to take everyones cards. Grab at the wrong time and the same fate will meet you. Everything can go wrong for you very quickly with one wrong move, so pay attention and move fast!

Plastic donuts and donut cards laid out as park of the Dough Nab gameRelated Post: Rhythm Time Review

Playing With Kids

Although it is designed for aged 8+ we quickly worked out that there are a few adaptations that can be made which would means younger kids can get involved in the fun. The “proper” rules state that you have to get rid of your own stack of cards AND your Dough Nab pile in front of you, either by grabbing a donut or having someone else grab the wrong donut. For younger children we have eliminated the need to get rid of your dough nab pile, just play the cards in your hand to win the round.

3 plastic donuts and 3 card donuts are stacked to make a triangleRelated Post: Gutterhead Game Review

Another alternative is to remove the special cards. These include a magic donut, a crumbs donut, a Don’t Nab card and a Nab card. The are designed to both help or hinder you depending on when they are played. If you take these out and just play with the 3 colours of donut to match the grabbing donuts then the game can be played from a much younger age.

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Our Thoughts

I have really enjoyed playing Dough Nab. It is definitely not just for kids – the grown-ups have been getting very competitive with it too. It is a great little family game that doesn’t require a huge amount of skill, which means everyone is in with an equal chance of winning. With a few adaptations to allow the younger kids to play too I can see this being a game we play a lot in the future.

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