Baby JJ at 2 Months Old | JJ in kilt

Baby JJ at 2 Months Old

Another month older. I won’t lie – I nearly forgot this month. It wasn’t until around 5pm that it suddenly crossed my mind that he was 2 months old. I think that’s just life with a second child isn’t it? Your focus is being pulled in so many directions that things that seemed so important with your first are not such a big deal second time around!

This month has been a lot more challenging. Reflux/colic reared it’s head and gave us a bit of a rough ride for a while. I know compared to most we didn’t have it bad, but it was bad enough to rock the boat for a bit. Thankfully we think we’ve found a solution!

JJ may have to wait while we sort Piglet a lot of the time, but he’s not one to do it quietly and usually reminds us that he’s still there. Thankfully when he’s got your attention he tends to be a happy little chap. He likes to be held as much as possible, pretty normal for a baby of his age, but doesn’t demand too much attention once he’s in your arms.

Baby JJ at 2 Months Old | JJ on muslin blankets


It’s been a few weeks since I had him weighed, but I think he will be nearly 10lbs now. He was 8lbs 3oz at 8 weeks old and has been gaining at least half a pound a week. We’re leaving the stage where they weigh them frequently but I think he is being checked again in a few weeks when the health visitor comes.

He is wearing his 0-3m clothes these days. I have put a few of his up to 1 month outfits on him but I prefer him in sleep suits, and for those he needs a bigger size as he is quite long.

Baby JJ at 2 Months Old | JJ Smiling


We had his first set of vaccinations on the day he was 8 weeks old. Of course he cried, but other than that he was fine. He fussed a bit in the afternoon but then slept a lot in the evening and overnight. He has his next set of routine vaccination at the end of this month, but the week before that I have to take him to the hospital for a BCG. I wasn’t really expecting him to need it as Piglet didn’t, but the new guidelines say he should have it as my Dad was born in Kenya. So we will do as we’re advised!

At about 5 weeks old JJ started showing signs of reflux. I was fairly sure this was related to the way he feeds (very quickly and gulping air at the same time). I also noticed he had a preference for one particular side to feed on, and only really turned his head one way. I took him out to the chiropractor to see if there was anything they could do to help.

She immediately found a tightness in his neck and jaw which she was able to loosen off. She is also a lactation consultant so observed a feed to make sure there wasn’t anything else I could be doing to make things better. Luckily I am doing everything right. The night after that appointment JJ woke only once, and he’s kept that up ever since. So clearly she has helped!

Baby JJ at 2 Months Old | JJ On Play Mat


As I said above, he is a gulper. Feeds are short and sweet which I’m quite thankful for. During the day we are going 1.5 – 2 hours which is still quite regular. He cluster feeds in the evenings but from about 10pm he’s happy to go down to sleep for a good chunk, so I don’t mind too much.

Baby JJ at 2 Months Old | JJ in kilt


Overnight we’re getting some great chunks of sleep at the moment. About 4-5 hours at a time, sometimes as much as 6 if I’ve managed to give him a really good feed. During the day it’s a bit hit or miss still and he prefers to be held, but sometimes I can get an hour or two in one go.


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