I think we’re all in agreement that we have been treated to a blooming lovely summer already, and things are just getting started. Sun is never guaranteed here in the north east of Scotland so you’ve got to take advantage of it when you can.

Over the last 2 or 3 months Piglet has been more and more interested in spending time outside. Whether it’s just kicking a ball about, jumping through a sprinkler or watering Grandad’s plants he wants to be outside doing it. Even helping me hang the washing on the line has suddenly captured his interest and he’s often found running to get his shoes so he can come out and help.

The problem we have is that our garden is not very child friendly at the moment. We have just getting started on a full garden make-over, but it needs a lot of work. We have a large patio with a 5ft drop off the side – with no railing. It means I regularly avoid taking Piglet out to play in the garden at the home as it’s just not safe, preferring to use my parents more suitable garden instead.

Although they live near by, it’s not always practical to be running off to Granny’s just for a bit of fresh air, so we put on our thinking caps for a way to let Piglet get outside and burn off some energy safely. The answer soon came to us – a trampoline with enclosure. It seemed the perfect option, Piglet loves jumping and he could be zipped in to it to put my mind at ease when my hands are full with JJ.

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We got the 8ft Skyhigh Orbisphere trampoline with enclosure, anchor kit and ladder from Big Game Hunters. We don’t have the biggest garden so I didn’t want something that would fill the entire space. These trampolines are not recommended for children under the age of 3 due to the risk of falling. However, I decided that at the age of 2 and a half Piglet is old enough to listen to instruction (when he wants to) and the enclosure will be in place to prevent a fall.

JHogg and I set to work getting it set up after Piglet was in bed. I wasn’t strong enough to get many of the springs in, but JHogg soon had it sorted. It didn’t take us too long to get it all set up, probably around an hour and a half in total. It wasn’t overly complex but we did find some aspects of the instructions unclear. We never did work out the correct way to put on the anchor as it simply says to attach the straps to the legs with no indication of how. It wasn’t awful though, but we did think we’d earned our dinner and a cheeky gin once it was done.

Piglet’s first reaction to the trampoline was priceless. He couldn’t believe his luck that he had one all to himself in his own garden. He has played on various trampolines recently in friends and families gardens and it had always been a bit of a battle to get him to leave. I hadn’t really thought of that when we got our own – there was no way he wanted off! Luckily for him we had no where to be so I could just keep slathering on the suncream and he could bounce to his hearts content.

Skyhigh Orbisphere Trampoline Review | Piglet on trampoline https://oddhogg.com

It didn’t matter that I had to sit in the shade to feed JJ, or pull some weeds from the patio. Piglet was always in my eye line but I knew he was safe and happy playing away. Skyhigh trampolines are designed with the enclosure beginning inside of the springs, meaning there is little risk or access to them from the inside.

Skyhigh Orbisphere Trampoline Review | Piglet Jumping https://oddhogg.com

One of the best bits about having a trampoline that I remember as a kid is that it doesn’t just have to be for jumping. Piglet is already embracing that, taking his ball on to throw around and have it bounce off the sides of the enclosure. Or pushing cars along it. The only battle we’ve had is that I won’t let him take some of his dinosaurs on there as they have sharp parts and I don’t want to pierce the jumping mat.

Skyhigh Orbisphere Trampoline Review | Piglet Playing With Ball https://oddhogg.com

I really like the height of the trampoline. It is lower that ones I have seen in the past, and that is perfect for children of Piglet’s age. Size wise it is also perfect for him right now, but I imagine in 5 or 6 years he would benefit from something bigger. The maximum user weight is 100kg, which is a shame as it means JHogg can’t get on it for a bounce (hasn’t stopped me giving it a go though!). If you want a bigger maximum user weight then you need to purchase the 12ft trampoline.

I am so glad we have this trampoline to get us through the summer months. It seems like it is built to last and so we should be able to enjoy it for years to come. If you want to pick up one of your own, Big Game Hunters have a whole range of trampolines to choose from to suit your garden.

We were sent a Skyhigh Orbisphere trampoline for the purposes of a review. All words and opinions are my own.


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