Baby Years

JJ at 1 month old | black and white on the bed

Baby JJ at 1 month old

Oh what a month it has been! In some ways it’s hard to believe that he is one month old already, but in others it feels like he’s been with us forever. JJ has slotted in to our family perfectly and even Piglet has started to acknowledge that he actually exists. He brings him his …

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JJ at one month old | Sleeping on daddy

Coping With Colic

When Piglet was a baby he was a super chilled little guy. He slept well and didn’t fuss very much at all. We were very lucky with him, and I was under no illusion that any future children would follow the same path! Fast forward two years and here we are with baby JJ. There’s …

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8 Breastfeeding Must Haves

When I was pregnant I was determined to breastfeed. I had my own, pretty selfish reasons, and they were enough to make me persevere. It wasn’t easy, in fact it was pretty damn hard for 8 weeks. We kept going though, and in the end Piglet was breastfed until his first birthday. It has gotten …

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Piglet 11 Months Update

11 months old….. wow. I can’t believe we are here, and that in 1 month Piglet will be one year old. It won’t be long until I’m sobbing into my tea cup about the fact I have a toddler. Following on from his development at 10 months, he’s continued to change daily. We have been …

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How We Chose to Wean + Giveaway

When Piglet was born the one thing I felt totally indifferent about was weaning. I was never particularly excited about getting him started on “real” food. Quite happily plodding along with milk I just assumed we would start weaning at 6 months. The guidelines these days state you should start weaning at 6 months, and …

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Piglets 10 Months Update

I’m totally late with this one, as Piglet was 10 months old on Boxing Day. Festivities got in the way of blogging though, and I was enjoying switching off a bit and enjoying the family time. So really, I’m not even sorry! Piglet’s 10th month was a big one for him. He developed in leaps …

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