As a type 1 diabetic I am always conscious of what I am eating and how it will affect my blood glucose levels. I can, and do, eat what I what when I want (provided I correctly match an insulin dose) but sometimes it is easier for me to choose a keto snack rather than something with a high carb content. However, I often find that low carb snacks take longer to organise and require some extra planning – precious time that I just don’t have. I have been sent some Cheesies to see if they could be the keto snack that I crave when I want to keep my blood sugars level.

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Why Eat Low Carb?

I am usually a big advocate of diabetics doing what works for them. For many that means following a keto diet (low carb high fat foods), and for others it means trying to master the art of matching insulin to a higher carb diet. I prefer to eat a fairly high carbohydrate diet day to day, but there are occasions that I reach for keto snacks and meal options.

Going through a pregnancy with diabetes can be really tough. In the 3rd trimester of both my pregnancies I found that my insulin needs greatly increased. The higher doses can be scary for someone like me who is used to minimal insulin, and that is when I opted for low carb snacks. In fact, when I was in hospital getting steroids before JJ was born I chose to try and eat low carb meals for the duration.

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Are Cheesies The Perfect Keto Snack?

Cheesies are a popped cheese snack. An alternative to crisps for those times when you want to ditch the carbs and have a high protein snack (between 7.4g and 8.8g per serving). Gluten free and vegetarian, they contain just one ingredient – cheese!

Cheesies come in 3 flavours, cheddar, gouda and emmental. Each bag is 60g and contains 3 servings. At first glance I laughed at that, assuming that I would want to polish off a hole back in one go. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Cheesies have a really strong flavour, which prevents you from eating them too fast. They are a delicious alternative to crisps, and the packs are resealable so you can save them for later.

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I was sent a selection of Cheesies in order to create this content. All words and opinions are my own.

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