While pregnancy is a lovely experience, you are growing a teeny tiny human that will eventually be yours to keep, it also comes with a rule book that I swear is longer than War and Peace. Most things don’t seem to bother me, and really don’t affect me day to day. Alcohol is not an issue, I can survive without rollercoasters for 9 months and cleaning the oven? Well lets just say I am glad for the excuse to have someone else do it!

The one thing I do miss is what I refer to as “the good stuff”. A good decongestant, to be exact!

Coping With A Cold While Pregnant | It can be tough to know how to deal with a cold or the flu in pregnancy, but I've got some solutions to make you feel better! https://oddhogg.com

Having a cold sucks – no one can deny that. When I am not pregnant I’m not too bad at just taking some form of decongestant and just powering through. In pregnancy though, all you are advised to take is a plain paracetamol and it can be really tough going. I find it hard to breath, hard to get to sleep, hard to wake up. The running of snot down my throat in the morning triggers my morning sickness and I vomit almost immediately (too much information?!)

I first got a cold at the start of December. It is now mid January and I think I’m finally seeing the end of it. Being ill over Christmas and New Year was tough going to say the least! My blood pressure dropped which made me light headed on top of everything else. I was really struggling so asked around to see what everyone else did to help them cope with a cold in pregnancy.

I used to love gold milk; it’s just warm milk with turmeric and honey – it’s great because it’s soothing and turmeric is a natural anti inflammatorySal

Olbas oil – absolutely everywhere! On muslins in every room, on tissues in every pocket!Natalie

Soft medicated tissues are an absolute must to save sore noses! And using all the available help resources to get your feet up and rest until you’re feeling better. Vikki

The calpol plugins – great for working whilst you sleep.Nicola

Honey and warm lemon and I still use it now sore throats for me and the kids! – Jo

Coping With A Cold While Pregnant | Citrus https://oddhogg.com

Humidifiers pump up the room’s moisture level, making it easier for you to breathe, so pick one up to use especially at night. You can also prop your pillows up to help ease your cough since this stops the postnasal drip that often triggers night coughing. Elizabeth

I haven’t tried it while pregnant but apparently if you cut an onion in half and leave it by your bedside overnight as you sleep it will attract the bad germs. There are stories of onions going black as they absorb illness. Plus chewing raw onion should help, too (but the might require some funny cravings to actually brave that). Nadia

Chiropractic care – not only great for you and your baby during pregnancy but a healthy nervous system helps a healthy immune system so when you catch a cold it’s no where near as terrible. Before having care I used to catch everything going and was part of the doctors furniture!! Becci

I can’t believe I didn’t think of some of these myself! I am hoping this is the last of my colds for this pregnancy, but I’m well stocked up on calpol plugin refills and Olbas Oil just in case it strikes again.


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