3 weeks of baby JJ has meant that we’re starting to get to know him. We understand his cues, know how he likes to be held and worked out how to coax him in to a dream feed. The very first thing we learnt about him was while we were still in the hospital for our fairly extended stay, and that was his need to be swaddled.

ErgoPouch have sent us one of their ErgoCocoon swaddles to try out with JJ. I was looking forward to an option that didn’t involve any complicated folding and interested to see if it made my life easier, and made JJ sleep well.

ErgoPouch Cocoon Review | Looking for an easier way to swaddle your newborn baby? I was - I like anything to make a new mums life easier! So I have been trying out the ErgoCocoon to see if it will help us https://oddhogg.com

The ErgoCocoon is a 2 in 1 system, designed to adapt to your baby’s needs. There are poppers at the arm holes so you can transform it from a swaddle to a sleeping bag if that is what your baby prefers. It is made from natural fibres, is breathable and very soft against your baby’s skin. The bell shaped bottom of the swaddle is ergonomic and is acknowledged by the IHDI as ‘hip healthy’.

I had a hard time choosing a design. There are 6 available to pick from and they all appear to be unisex which I really liked. I opted for the Triangle Pops design, which is mostly grey and white with a pop of colour with the odd orange triangle.

ErgoPouch Cocoon Review |  Cocoon in packaging https://oddhogg.com

At first glance the swaddle looked really small, but that is down to how stretchy the material is. The smaller size is suitable from 3kg-7kg. JJ was premature so it took him a little while to gain sufficient weight to be able to use the ErgoCocoon which was a shame. He was actually very large as far as premature babies go, and so suitability from a slightly lighter weight is one thing I would have liked to have seen. That said, the vast majority of babies are born at 3kg or over.

ErgoPouch Cocoon Review |  Cocoon in full https://oddhogg.com

The zip can be used from both the top and the bottom, making it easy to get baby in and also change a nappy without having to fully remove baby which is always handy. The inside of the cocoon is super soft so there are no concerns with it being uncomfortable against baby’s skin.

ErgoPouch Cocoon Review |  Zip close up https://oddhogg.com

JJ has certainly enjoyed using it. The swaddle hold him much tighter than I can wrap him, it is tighter than most other similar swaddles on the market too. I’d like to claim that JJ’s great sleeping habits are down to the fact he is swaddled, but unfortunately I think his jaundice still plays a large part in that at this stage! I can say that when he is unsettled during the early evening if I place him in the ErgoCocoon before lying him down he settles very quickly compared to previously.

ErgoPouch Cocoon Review |  JJ in Cocoon https://oddhogg.com

We have only been using the ErgoCocoon for a short time but it is already the swaddle that I reach for first. Thank goodness for the warm weather right now so I can get it washed, dried and ready to use again all in one day! We currently have the 1.0 tog swaddle, but there is a 2.5 tog available for the colder months and it’s certainly something I’ll be considering for the future.

ErgoPouch Cocoon Review |  JJ In Cocoon https://oddhogg.com

We were sent the ErgoCocoon for the purposes of carrying out a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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