I was gifted the branding photoshoot in exchange for this post.

The beady eyed amongst you will have seen some changes on both my blog and social media recently. I have been updating my profile images with ones that I think are more professional looking, as well as updating my about us and work with us pages. I’ve made a few changes to content I offer in the last few months and the time had finally come for my image to reflect that.

Fake It Till You Make It | Why every blogger should have professional photos from the start. If you want to land big contracts and be taken seriously then you need to act like a professional. If you want to make money from your blog then you have to fake it - and this is how www.oddhogg.com

One of my goals this year was to get some professional photos taken. Over the last 2 and a half years my photography has come on incredibly…. but I’m no expert. I don’t have the editing capability that a professional does, nor the quality of camera (yet!), to get the “perfect” image for my brand.

Fake It Till You Make It www.oddhogg.com

You may wonder why a blogger needs a professional profile image, particularly one like me who doesn’t necessarily make the most money or work on the most campaigns. For me, I’m a big believer in “fake it till you make it”. The first impression that readers, brands and PRs get of me is my profile images. When a brand is looking for a professional blogger to work with who do you think they are more likely to pick – the person with the image that reflects the bloggers brand, or the person who’s profile image is a selfie taken with a camera phone?

Fake it till you make it www.oddhogg.com

I also felt the need to update my pages in order to maintain the credibility of not only myself, but of my fellow bloggers. I know in the past that I have been recommended to a brand as someone that they may want to consider working with. Having an out of date contact page with unprofessional content reflects badly on both myself and on my colleague making the recommendation. If I want to be taken seriously going forward then I need to portray that from the outset!

In the past I have had a profile image that I selected from way back when we had Piglet’s newborn photoshoot. It was a professional image and reflected the fact that I predominately wrote about my children. Two years on, I was looking for something that is more about ME. I now cover topics on diabetes, travel, fashion and family life, and so I felt my old image was giving the wrong first impression.

Fake it till you make it www.oddhogg.com

The obvious first choice for a professional shoot for me was Iana from Chtefan. Photography, an Aberdeen family and headshots photographer. As well as Piglet’s newborn shoot, she also took his cake smash pictures for his first birthday. I am so accustomed to being behind the camera, dictating what goes where and which angle to use. Handing over the reigns is always hard, so it was important to me that I had someone who would do not just as good a job as I would, but that I had the confidence they would do it better.

Fake it till you make it www.oddhogg.com

With Piglet at nursery we were able to capture the images pretty efficiently. They are now the first thing you see when accessing my social media. The reflect the light and bright images that I strive to take myself and give any potential brand or reader and idea of what they would get should they choose to stick around.

I am now happy that the brand image I have going forward. Is it guaranteed to mean I can land all the major contracts? Of course not. But I will at least know I’ve done my very best!

Fake it till you make it www.oddhogg.com

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