I’m really lucky that JHogg is really good at choosing Christmas and birthday presents. However….. I know not everyone is the same. A little helping hand with some ideas for Christmas presents this year will never go amiss! These gifts don’t just have to be for your other half, they would be perfect for your mum, a friend or even just a little treat for yourself. No rules against putting a gift for you under the tree 😉

For The Beauty Conscious

Before I had kids I went and got my eyebrows waxed really regularly, but the reality with 2 of them in the house is that it just doesn’t happen. These Rubis Tweezers mean I can keep on top of my brows at home, with a look as good as a wax. The are Swiss crafted and individually finished to ensure high quality.

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Rubis Tweezers

Getting ready in the morning can be a bit of a rush, and perfume is one of those things that tends to get missed. I love the gold Twist & Spritz Atomiser as I can add my favourite perfume to it and then pop it in to the changing bag for a quick spray on the go. It’s smaller and lighter than carrying a full bottle of perfume, and the new design makes it easy to fill.

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Twist & Spritz www.oddhogg.com

It might confuse you to see Rainforest Honey listed in a beauty section – but there’s method to my madness! This honey not only tastes great, but it can be used for face masks and bath soaks or to alleviate skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. At £4.99 it would make a nice addition to a beauty hamper or stocking filler.

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Rainforest Honey www.oddhogg.com

Sometimes it’s just the little things make you feel good about yourself, and for me that is getting on a splash of perfume. SEKSY Entice has a delicate sweet pink fresh floral fragrance and comes in a 12 sided bottle, featuring a Swarovski crystal charm which can be removed and worn as jewellery if you want.

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | SEKSY Entice www.oddhogg.com

Finding time for self care is so hard these days. There is so much pressure to do everything and be everywhere, when often you just need to take some time out to look after yourself. Taking a bath with Overlum bath oil is something I really look forward to – even if it’s very infrequent! The essential oils make a calm bath experience, perfect for unwinding after a tough day.

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Olverum www.oddhogg.com

For Hygge Lovers

Beefayre have a range of nature inspired products, but my favourites are their candles and reed diffusers. As soon as I open a parcel from them the smell of the products hits me and I just love it. This season I am enjoying their Winter Garden range which has scents like winter berries, spiced orange and wild fig. Lighting the candles and tea lights instantly softens a room and makes us feel extra cosy.

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | BeeFayre www.oddhogg.com

If winter scents are not your thing then you should look at scents at Wax Lyrical. They have so many to choose from, so there is bound to be the perfect candle for everyone. I particularly love the Chai and Lime Blossom candles, giving a nice fresh scent. They can be bought as a standard candle, a candle tin and even a reed diffuser.

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Wax Lyrical www.oddhogg.com

One of the things I was going to give my mum this Christmas was this Bergamot & Water Lily candle from Sophie Conran for Portmeirion – but I’ve had to keep it for myself. It is a dual wick candle, and comes with a tight fitting lid to keep all of the scent contained when the candle is not lit. It burns nice and evenly too, meaning no wax is wasted so you can maximise the burn time.

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Sophie Conran at Portmeirion www.oddhogg.com

A lot of use would like more hygge but don’t seem to be able to execute it! This gorgeous Goals Journal is perfect for curling up and jotting down your ideas. Take note of things you want to do together as a family over the next year. Whether it’s having family movie nights, cooking together at home or going out on an adventure. The journal would make a lovely gift for someone prepping for the year ahead.

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Goals Journal www.oddhogg.com

For The Home

If you can’t be with someone over the festive period then send them a snowflake bubble balloon. They arrive inflated in a box, so when it is opened it pops out. I think they’re great fun and are a lovely way of letting someone know you’re thinking of them.

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Snowflake bubble balloon www.oddhogg.com

My mum loves a bit of Christmas crockery and has amassed quite a collection over the years. A few years ago I got her some Spode Christmas tree teaspoons, and I’ve been adding to the collection ever since. This year I chose the Spode Christmas Tree Jug so we can be pouring our gravy in style!

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Spode Christmas Tree Jug www.oddhogg.com

Everyone has a friend that likes to have people round for dinner. A great gift idea for them are these Sophie Conran drizzlers. They are porcelain with a ripple design down each one and would look at home on any dining table.

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Sophie Conran Drizzlers www.oddhogg.com

Tasty Treats

Christmas is the time of year where we like to pull out all the best food, and it is also the time I receive the most food gifts. I love being given something new to try, and I can definitely recommend Peter’s Yard to give this year. They have a delicious range of crispbreads which would be snapped up at any Christmas party.

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Peter's Yard www.oddhogg.com

It’s not Christmas without a box of chocolates, but these LIR Chocolates are one’s you wouldn’t want to share. There are 8 different flavours in the box, but my favourite by far was the Irish Sea Salted Caramel. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a bit of a scuffle over who got the last one!

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | LIR Chocolates www.oddhogg.com

A fun stocking filler for my mum this year are Bailey’s Chocolates. The mini delights come in two different flavours and combine the flavour of Bailey’s with salted caramel and chocolate. The bags are sharing size…. but there is no rule to say you have to!

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Bailey's Chocolates www.oddhogg.com

I do enjoy a glass of wine, but Christmas is usually one of those manic holidays where I end up being the designated driver. Botonique Blush is an alcohol free sparkling drink with notes of strawberry, rose and bramble. Pop it in a champagne flute and feel like you’ve got a celebratory drink!

Gift Ideas For Women For Christmas 2018 | Botonique Blush www.oddhogg.com

I was sent these items for inclusion in this guide. All words and opinions are my own.

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