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Affordable Valentines Gift Ideas For Parents | Budget gift ideas for valentines day. You don't have to spend a lot to show you care. These cheap gift options a perfect for shopping on a budget. www.oddhogg.com

JHogg and I have been together for 8 years now (yeah….. I had to sit and count that). With a wedding and 2 kids under out belts, plus running our own business and renovating our home, it’s easy to forget to take time for one another. With Valentines around the corner now is the time to remind one another how much we mean to each other.

We’ve used up too many babysitting sessions already this year (who knew January would be the peak of our social calendar!) so this year we are giving small gifts rather than going out for a meal. Affordability is the name of the game, and these are some of my top picks for this year.

For Her

Here’s a little secret that only mums tend to know – nipple balm is AMAZING for your lips. It is super moisturising and keeps them really soft. Rather than slapping my normal nipple balm on, I have some Dr Lipp. It’s made from 100% lanolin giving long lasting moisture and a glossy look. They also have a new tint collection, where the colour comes from edible plant based pigments. The whole collection is free from additives, preservatives or fragrances, plus they are tasteless and edible.

Affordable Valentines Gift Ideas For Parents | Dr Lipp Lanolin balm www.oddhogg.com

If you looking for a more personalised gift then The Book Of Everyone is the perfect idea. You can create a special gift for someone special full of fun facts, inspiring quotes and beautiful designs. You can do as much or as little personalisation as you like, giving a unique gift every time. For Valentines, The Book Of Romance includes exquisitely designed personalised moments and messages of romance to celebrate why they are the one for you.

Affordable Valentines Gift Ideas For Parents | The Book Of Everyone www.oddhogg.com

For Him

JHogg has always been a bit more fashion conscious than me, so I know he will always be pleased with a new item of clothing. This year I chose a Pretty Green t-shirt for him from Mainline Menswear. It’s something that he will not only like, but it’s practical too so it doesn’t feel like money that’s wasted. Mainline have a huge selection of designer menswear to choose from, so if a t-shirt is not their thing then it is worth looking at what else is available.

Affordable Valentines Gift Ideas For Parents | Pretty Green t-shirt www.oddhogg.com

If, like me, your partner is a snorer then you can get them a Good Night Anti-Snoring ring. It is a completely natural remedy for snoring which you can just place on your finger and allow the pressure points to do their thing. They’re inexpensive and a fun little gift to give – and if you can get them to wear in then that’s an added bonus! Nothing says “I Love You” quite like a reminder that you’re hard to sleep next to.

Affordable Valentines Gift Ideas For Parents | Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring www.oddhogg.com

For The Home

JHogg and I have been in this home for over 3 years now, but we are still on the look out for finishing touches for some of the rooms. Love Is In The Air by Sharon Nowlan depicts two figures having a kiss under a heart shaped balloon, made up of small pebbles. It is in a small frame so you can get it on display straight away.Affordable Valentines Gift Ideas For Parents | Sharon Nowlan Love Is In The Air www.oddhogg.com

In our house we love diffusers and candles – anything to detract from the wafting smells of dirty nappies and baby sick! Wax Lyrical have a Valentines GiftScents® Reed Diffuser, which saves you the effort of finding a separate gift and card. There is a cute poem on the inside, and the diffuser has a soft fruity scent that slowly fills the room.

Affordable Valentines Gift Ideas For Parents | Valentines Reed Diffuser Card www.oddhogg.com

It wouldn’t be Valentines without a bit of love, so the LOVE alphabet candles from Wax Lyrical are a cute little addition. Each one has around 14 hours of burn time, with a fruity scent. They are so cute though that I’m not sure if I am going to want to burn them! If you would like to win your own set of LOVE candles then check out the giveaway at the end of this post.Affordable Valentines Gift Ideas For Parents | LOVE Alphabet Candles www.oddhogg.com

For long term Disney fans like me then a Mickey and Minnie Mouse figurine ticks so many boxes. I love the cosiness of this one, with both characters huddled under a blanket together. Ours is going to sit on the shelf in our snug room and remind us of our last trip to Disney World.

Affordable Valentines Gift Ideas For Parents | Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse figurine www.oddhogg.com

For A Sweet Treat

In our house we definitely use food as a love language. It’s our way of showing we care, and finding new treats to try is something we enjoy dong together. The Fudge Kitchen has a range of handmade, hand decorated premium confectionary, all made in small batches using the finest ingredients and delivered to your door. The sea salted caramel is our favourite, and they have a dairy free selection to choose from too.

Affordable Valentines Gift Ideas For Parents | Fudge Kitchen www.oddhogg.com

With my diabetes I often use gummy sweets to treat low blood sugars. Haribo sweets have been my go to treatment for almost 6 years now, so this year I have been treated to a big box of Heart Throbs. It is filled with my favourite strawberry flavoured hearts – it’s been hard not to scoff them all at once!

Affordable Valentines Gift Ideas For Parents | Haribo Heart Throbs sweets www.oddhogg.com

The hearts might have been all for me – but I also have a big box of retro sweets for JHogg and I to share. This Valentine’s I think we’re going to put on a movie and have a little pick and mix at home with all our favourite sweets from our childhood.

Affordable Valentines Gift Ideas For Parents | Retro Sweets Box www.oddhogg.com

I hope you have a lovely Valentines no matter what you decide to do – and that maybe one of these gift ideas helps you find the perfect affordable present.


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