A beach in Corfu. It is a pebble beach with a blue ocean, a yacht is in the difference. A man and a young child have their back to the camera at the edge of the water

Grandparents – They’re Not As Old As You Think

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When I was younger I can remember thinking my grandparents were really old. Always available and ready to play yes, but still old! So imagine my surprise when I am now a parent myself and I’ve discovered that grandparents of young children aren’t in fact very old at all. While my Gran is accelerating towards 90 and finally appearing to be the age I used to think she was 25 years ago (sorry Gran!) my parents and in laws are fully in grandparent role and definitely not living up to the stereotype. How did I not know that Grandparents were really getting the best bits of life?!

How Grandparents Are Living Their Best Lives

Busy Social Lives

Finally free from Saturday morning football and dancing drop offs, and often the routine of full time employment, the social life is suddenly booming! A few years ago my brother went home for the weekend to visit. My parents went out for dinner with friends and thought it was hilarious to wake him at 5am when they got home. They now go out far more often than I do, possibly than I ever had. They could give most 18 year olds a run for their money.

Back To Dating

With kids out of the way the senior dating seems to suddenly kick in. Looking to find the right person to spend their retirement with they’re hoping onto a senior dating site and getting those dates planned. Probably partially why their social lives suddenly seem so busy all of a sudden. I love seeing the confidence that some people seem to get as they get older, and getting back into the dating the game after years of putting the kids first is always nice to see.

An older man and woman sit on a blue bench in a wooded park. The man has a camera up and the woman i sholding a bag.
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Holidays Galore

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve called my mum to see if she can babysit and it turns out she’s got a holiday booked on that date. Whether its 4 months traveling around the world on a cruise ship, or a weekend mini break in Shetland it feels like their next trip is always just around the corner. In the last year my parents have bought both a caravan and a motorhome to make UK breaks that bit easier. All I need to do now is persuade them to take the grandkids with them next time.

A beach in Corfu. It is a pebble beach with a blue ocean, a yacht is in the difference. A man and a young child have their back to the camera at the edge of the water
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Reaching New Fitness Goals

I used to aspire to be like the 20 year olds I would see in the gym, strong and fit men and women who often seemed to love the attention they got for their bodies. Now I admire the grandparents who are suddenly running marathons, training for triathlons or taking up karate. They are proof that it’s never too late to start working out, and setting great examples to their grandkids (and kids!) while they do it. But no Dad – I don’t count your multiple rounds of golf a week as a strenuous workout!

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