Newborn Favourites For Baby Number 2 | Tiny Love Gymini

Newborn Favourites For Baby Number 2

I swear JJ was just born last week. He still feels so new. He snuggles on my chest, rarely lifts his head and makes no attempt to roll over or get on the move. But as much as it pains me to admit it, he is nearly 4 months old and that means the newborn days are behind us.

With Piggie I had a group of newborn essentials that I loved, but with JJ a few things have changed. I don’t know if it’s just that he’s a different baby, or simply a second child thing, but my priorities seem to be a little different this time around. These are my top 8 items for baby number 2.

1. Bedside Crib

I am loving the Chicco Next2Me crib with JJ. I can’t fit it up against my bed, but it is just about a foot away and the mesh side means I can see him clearly and just about reach over to touch him. It is bigger than a moses so it will mean he can stay in our room for that bit longer.

Not only do I love it, but JJ does too. I find it quite hard to get him to go to sleep for any period of time anywhere other than in his own bed. He clearly finds it very comfortable and a little save haven to rest in.

Newborn Favourites for baby number 2 | Chicco Next 2 Me Crib

2. MyHummy Snoozy

With Piglet I was all about Ewan The Dream Sheep, but this time around we tried out a MyHummy and I love it. The ability to change the settings from my phone via bluetooth is what tipped it for me, and I love the size of the Snoozy

Newborn Favourites for baby number 2 | MyHummy Snoozy

3. Tiny Love Play Gym

JJ hates being on his back, and lying him down is a surefire way to make him cry. The Tiny Love Into The Forest Gymini Deluxe is a lovely big play mat that actually manages to capture his attention and will have him lying for short periods so I can get some things done! The lights and sounds keep him entertained and he giggles and laughs at them. You can disconnect that bit and take it with you on the go too.

The mat itself has sensory bit thats that crackle when you brush against them, meaning it’s great for tummy time too. My vain little man loves staring at himself in the mirror or gurgling at the little woodland animals that hang from it.

Newborn Favourites For Baby Number 2 | Tiny Love Gymini

4. Muslin Swaddles

JJ had reflux for the first 2-3 months and I went through multiple muslins a day. I find the large muslin swaddles fab for mopping up baby sick. With him being a summer baby they also made great lightweight blankets for him on the warmer days. I put together a list of all my favourites that you should check out before buying your own.

Newborn Favourites for baby number 2 | Bumble Baby Boutique fox muslin

5. Milk Genie Breast Pump

I had issues with both my boys when it comes to breast feeding, and with Piglet the amount of time I spent expressing really took it’s tole. This time around I used the Milk Genie and it saved me so much time. I responded well to it and was able to build up a stash of milk for the freezer. The fact that it is not only a double pump but it also battery run has given me a lot more freedom.

Newborn Favourites For Baby Number 2 | Using the pump

6. Skip Hop Greenwich Changing Bag

With a toddler to chase as well as a baby, having a backpack changing bag has been a total game changer. The Skip Hop Greenwich hanging bag is both stylish and practical has been a complete lifesaver and has really left me wondering how I coped without it before.

Newborn Favourites For Baby Number 2 | Daddy carrying the bag

7. Milky Tee

I have 2 breastfeeding t-shirts from the Milky Tee Company and I love them. The t-shirts have zips up either side that you can open in order to feed your baby. They make feeding JJ discretely in public super easy, and they are very comfortable to wear. I am already eyeing up their new grey designs to see if I can justify buying one or two more.

Newborn Favourites For Baby Number 2 | Feeding JJ

8. Canon G7X ii

I took a lot of pictures of Piggie, but nothing compared to JJ! I have the camera with me pretty much 24/7 and I’m constantly snapping both of the boys. Of course I take lots on my phone too – but I live knowing that I have lot of memories captured in higher quality for printing whenever I want.

Newborn Favourites For Baby Number 2 | Canon G7X ii

Please note – I was sent the Tiny Love Into The Forest Gymini Deluxe for inclusion in this guide. Some of the other items were sent to me for a separate review, but inclusion in this is purely because I genuinely love them. All words and opinions are my own.

Newborn Must Haves For Baby Number 2 | Being a mum of 2 children means I know a little bit more about what works for us. My favourite baby items have changed a little bit from the first time around, so I've shared a list of the best newborn items for when you have more than 1 baby. Send it to all the mom's you know - they're going to want to see this list

2 thoughts on “Newborn Favourites For Baby Number 2”

  1. I love your changing bag – that colour is gorgeous! Our cosleeper crib was one of the best things we bought second time around, and we got so much use out of our baby gym too. I bought quite a few white noise machines as my first loved white noise – turns out my second couldn’t have cared less! Wouldn’t it be easy if they were all the same?!

    1. Typical! My eldest like music rather than white noise but JJ is all about that annoying droning hum of a white noise machine. But it works so I’m rolling with it!

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