Pumpables Milk Genie Plus Review

Although I breastfed Piglet until his first birthday, and I am currently breastfeeding JJ, it is not something that has come naturally with either child. As they were both born prematurely and then suffered with prolonged infant jaundice they failed to latch for quite a while, and so I was expressing to keep my milk supply going.

With Piglet I really struggled to express. I had a single electric pump and I found the process exhausting. It wasn’t long before I had to start supplementing his feeds with formula as I couldn’t keep up. With JJ I knew in advance that I wanted to try a different pump, and the Pumpables Milk Genie Plus seemed the right fit.

Pumpables Milk Genie Plus Review | Double electric portable breast pump with rechargeable battery https://oddhogg.com

There were two features of the Milk Genie Plus that made it appealing to me. The first was the fact that it can be used as a double pump, or a single if you prefer. Being able to express from both breasts at the same time immediately reduces the time needed to express for a feed. That alone is a huge draw for me.Pumpables Milk Genie Plus Review | Double breast pump https://oddhogg.com

Second is the ability to charge the pump and take it with you. The rechargeable lithium ion battery gives you 3 hours of use, meaning you can take it out with you for the day and use it on the go without having to worry about needing to plug it in.

Pumpables Milk Genie Plus Review | Pump In Bag https://oddhogg.com

Although I was attracted to the Milk Genie Plus for those features, I was pleased to find so many more when I got it out to use. It comes with 3 different flange sizes, so you can pick the one that is the right fit for you. Expressing can be uncomfortable if the pump isn’t a right fit for you, so I am so glad that they recognise that not all women are built the same. It even comes with a guide on how to tell which one is right for you.

Pumpables Milk Genie Plus Review http

It is super silent…. or as silent as you can reasonably expect from a pump. You can use it discreetly, and it doesn’t drown out the tv (can you see where my priorities lie?). The LCD screen shows your program settings and remaining battery. It also has a memory now, so you can save your favourite settings. This is a lifesaver when you get up to pump at 3am and don’t want to have to think about anything!

Pumpables Milk Genie Plus Review | Using the pump https://oddhogg.com

While using theĀ Milk Genie Plus I allowed myself to develop a milk over supply, so I now have a nice stash of milk in the freezer for later. It was my companion every 3 hours forĀ  just over 2 weeks of JJ’s life, and is available to use at a drop of a hat even now. JJ has now latched and is predominately breastfed, but I know the time will come when I want to venture out and do something without him and I love knowing that I can confidently and discreetly express while I’m away to keep myself comfortable – wherever that may be.

I was sent a Pumpables Milk Genie Plus in order to carry out this review. All words and opinions are my own.

Pumpables Milk Genie Plus Review | Double electric portable breast pump with rechargeable battery. Electric breast pump review for expressing breast milk for a newborn https://oddhogg.com

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