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Health and Wellness Routines for the Family | AD

Family life is a busy time; there is always something to attend to. Creating a health and wellness routine might just sound impractical and unrealistic, with so much going on it. Luckily, that isn’t the case. If you organise your routines, diets, and lifestyle choices wisely, you will find that the health wellness routine integrates nicely with your current routines and adds value to your life. What’s more, healthy practices will stay with your children for years to come. 

Yoga Practice 

Developing and maintaining flexibility in the body is an excellent idea at any age. It can support joints in adults, keep the muscles in use, and free up stressful knots in the body. In children, flexibility is normal and means they can throw themselves around without injury. But this flexibility is lost as children get older and don’t maintain it in a formal way. Getting the family into yoga is a brilliant way to support everyone’s health, young and old. 

Light Exercise 

Similar to yoga, light exercise is of great value. It provides a wealth of benefits for only a little effort regularly. Light exercise is easy to integrate into the day, even if you have young children. When the weather is appropriate, take the family on a walk to the park and encourage them to run around and play on the climbing frame. Walking alone should be enough exercise for busy adults, and the kids get a chance to burn off excess energy before going home to crash. 

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Dietary Supplements 

Getting the best diet for your family can be tricky, especially since everyone wants different things, and children often want to eat junk food because it’s full of salt and sugar. It’s always a good idea to encourage healthy eating as much as possible, but it’s not always realistic in practice. That’s where dietary supplements come in. Supplements such as maltofer syrup provide your family with important nutrients and minerals they could be missing in their diet. The great thing is they can be easily included in any meal. 

Eat Fresh 

Where possible, eat fresh! Dry and processed foods might last longer, but they often contain fewer essential nutrients and minerals. In some cases, you might as well live off a box of crackers. This goes for frozen food too, but to a lesser extent, the freezing process tends to trap the goodness and hold onto it. It can be tricky to eat fresh all the time, but more often than not is a good general rule of thumb. 

Mindful Activities

Teaching mindfulness as a spiritual practice to young children is not a bad idea. They will understand it and remember the teaching in later years, but actually practicing it as a young person might be difficult with so much energy and so many distractions. Instead of formally teaching mindfulness practice to children, you can simply encourage activities that require mindfulness for success. Creative activities are good, drawing, and writing, for example, or console games in moderation.

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