It has been just over 3 years since we moved in to our house. When we bought it we always knew it was going to be a big project, and even now it is not quite finished. The major works have been carried out but we still have a snagging list of jobs we want to complete which will make it our new home.

Landscape the gardens

We have big plans for our gardens. Both front and and back gardens are being completely ripped out and redone. There will be space on the driveway to park both our cars, and a safe area out the back for the children to play. Sorting the garden has been top of our list for a long time so getting it done is something we’re really looking forward to!

Replace the windows

We have lovely big bay windows in 3 of the rooms, and we want to replace them with triple glazed windows. Once we have landscaped the front of the house then new upvc windows will not only help our home be more energy efficient, but also change the look of the house and make it a little more modern. At the moment we quite like the idea of getting them in an anthracite grey colour to match our new garage door. With the current window prices and the size of the windows we need to replace, windows are having to wait a little while – but we’ll get there!

What is on your house bucket list? | Windows and a chair

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New doors

As part of our internal renovations we replaced all the internal doors on the ground floor of the house. I now have my eye on new front and back doors. At the front I want something in anthracite grey and much more modern. Our current door is from the 1980s and although it is very sturdy, it is extremely dated and doesn’t match the rest of the house at all.

We’re not sure what kind of back door we want to get yet. We have talked about the barn door style, which would give us the option of having part of the door open for fresh air while still preventing the children from escaping out in to the garden when we’re not looking!

What is on your house bucket list? | Stable door with flowers

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Replace the garage

One of the first thing that many people say when they see our house is “do you realise your garage is leaning?”. It’s becoming a bit of a running joke, but is a quirk of the house that we’ve learned to embrace. We’ve been informed that it’s sturdy enough for now, but one of our long term goals is to knock it down and rebuild it with better foundations.

I’m sure by the time we manage to do all of these things it will be time to redecorate inside again. The work never seems to end – but at least it’s fun doing it all!

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