It can’t be denied that Piglet was a gentle, soft natured baby. I’ve always tried not to be smug about it, but he was such an easy going little guy and let’s be honest, we were very lucky. Everyone commented on it, the way he poked gentle with a finger rather than snatching at his food. The way he would use two fingers to pick up a toy and gently place it down on top of another. He was a kind soul and totally undemanding. I could not have asked for a kinder, sweeter baby.

Well my friends, something has changed.

So you've Got A Toddler... | Our lives have completely changed since Piglet has become a toddler. As first time parents this change has been a bit of a shock and we're still working out how best to cope

In the last month Piglet has become a toddler. He is no longer gentle, in fact he could actually be considered a thug. He has a little drum that if you tap plays a tune. I used to laugh as I watched him tap it gently with one finger. Those days are gone, as he not only hits it pretty hard but also uses other items to smack it with.

Screeching is his new favourite habit. He will crawl around (because walking is for wimps) screaming at the top of his lungs just because he can. To say he has found his voice is an understatement.

So You've Got A Toddler... | Screeching

Unfortuneately, the screeching isn’t just reserved for play time either. Piglet has a serious attitude problem. He is stubborn, and he knows exactly what he wants. Unlucky for him, this Mama is pretty stubborn too so he doesn’t always get his way.

Cue dramatic meltdown. Throwing himself to the ground, he will screech at you and bang his head off whatever he can find. He doesn’t get any attention while all of this is going on so I’m hoping he’ll get over that as a tantrum technique pretty soon…… I can dream can’t I?

So You've Got A Toddler | Playing in The Garden

We have been working pretty hard on his baby sign language recently (we use sign and sign so it is fun for him) and it’s coming on nicely. He has “more” nailed down pretty well which is proving very useful, as well as “food” and, for some reason, “sheep”. The issue this has given us, however, is when he comes crawling over and signs for “food” and I say no we get treated to a meltdown.

My good eater has suddenly developed an interest in what is on offer for dinner, and started to refuse certain things. The little monkey! Many a meal has been tossed on the flooras he awaits the fruit and yoghurt that he really wants. I see this battle getting worse as he gets older.

So You've Got A Toddler | Toys

Toddlerhood isn’t all bad though. His speech is coming on nicely and he will tell me “bye-bye” clear as day. He doesn’t care that I’m not leaving, or that we’re just going up stairs. He will say bye anyway!

He will pick up his favourite books and bring them to me to read. No matter how busy I am, I will drop everything to foster his current love for books. Plus – it’s a chance to sneak in some extra cuddles while he sits still for a story. It’s never long until he’s off again though!

So toddlerdom is here, and we’re learning to embrace it and all that it throws at us. But I’m having to buckle up as I think it’ll be a bit of a bumpy ride!


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