It is becoming increasingly popular for a bride and groom to ask for their guests to go unplugged for the day/night. It is something that JHogg and I requested ourselves, that no one would post anything on social media about our wedding on the day of it and that they would wait until we posted first the next day. Not only did it stop our evening guests seeing anything before they arrived, it meant everyone was present during the day.

We were lucky that our friends and family respected our decision – but what if they hadn’t? Is it ever ok to blatantly ignore a bride and grooms request?

Staying Unplugged At A Wedding | Have you been to a wedding where everyone is on their phones through the ceremony? What did you think of it? I find it rude!

JHogg and I were at a wedding this weekend. Before the ceremony started the minister explained that the bride and groom asked that we turned all phones off or on to silent, and that no photos are taken during the ceremony. They had hired photographers, and that the wanted us to be present rather than focusing on taking photos.

It was a small intimate wedding. Around 50 of us were invited to the ceremony, and so it was very obvious when 2 women pulled their phones out to take pictures. The music started and the bride appeared to walk down the aisle, and was presented with 2 members of her family with phones in her face.

Both she and the groom were emotional and I’m sure their photographers were capturing the moment beautifully…. all the while with phones snapping away in the background.

The minister took the opportunity to repeat what she had said earlier about phones and began the ceremony. As the bride and groom gave their own vows, personal to one another and beautifully written, the phones were out again. This time they were joined by a third person.

Staying Unplugged At A Wedding | Wedding

Not only did I find it disrespectful to the bride and groom, it was also hugely distracting as a guest. In our view of the ceremony were 3 phones. You couldn’t help but see them!

It irked me throughout the rest of the day – even though the moment had long passed. I am guilty of using my phone too much, unfortunately it comes with the territory with blogging. But there is a time and place to put it away. And I think a wedding ceremony is one of them!

Staying Unplugged At A Wedding | Bride

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