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The Best Christmas Yoto Cards

The sound of jingle bells is just around the corner and we all have Christmas on our minds. We love to get into the Christmas spirit from the 1st of December and pull out all of our Christmas stories and music.

This year we are excited to have our Yoto to play Christmas songs and audiobooks on, and a Yoto Mini that is more portable so we can take it with us to spread the Christmas cheer. With so many to choose from it can be hard to decide on the best Christmas Yoto cards, and so below I have some of our favourites.

If you’ve never heard of the Yoto Mini then read my full review to learn what it is and what it can do. There is also the Yoto Player 3rd Generation released this year to consider too.

The Best Christmas Audiobook Yoto Cards

Kids can listen to Christmas stories whenever they want with these Christmas audiobooks. Pick one of the individual cards or get a Yoto Christmas story card bundle and get in the Christmas spirit.

The Christmasaurus Collection

3 stacked Yoto cards in yellow, blue and red. The front card has a picture of an icy blue dinosaur with a boy riding on top. Text reads 'the Christmasaurus Musical Edition"

3 cards from the popular Christmasaurus series, packed with fun and adventure. With a total run time of almost 19 hours it is great value for money.

Age: 0-8
Run Time: 18hrs 53m

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A Christmasaurus Carol

the Christmasaurus Carol yoto card

The latest in the Christmasaurus series. Join William, Santa and the Christmasaurus on their quest to save Christmas from Ebenezer Scrooge.

Age: 9-11
Run Time: 4hrs 30m

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Christmas Stocking Fillers Bundle

4 Yoto cards stacked. The top card has a picture of a young reindeer next to a Christmas tree. Text reads "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and other stories"

Another bundle of cards so you can get the most for your money. This pack contains 4 different Christmas themed cards with stories and songs, aimed at younger children.

Age: 0-5
Run Time: 3hrs 38m

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Advent Stories

A Yoto card with 2 elves holding a giant present with "advent stories" written on it.

A story every day in the countdown to Christmas. Advent stories is aimed at children 4 and above for slightly more grown up Christmas tales.

Age: 5-8
Run Time: 1hrs 30m

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Father Christmas Needs A Wee

A Yoto card with Father Christmas on the front with his knees bent in together as if he needs a wee

Father Christmas is desperate – after all the drinks the children have left out for him he needs to go for a wee! A silly story fully of toilet humour.

Age: 5-8
Run Time: 13m

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Christmas Treats

A drawing of Santa in his workshop with "Christmas Treats" written above

29 Christmas stories by Enid Blyton. Visit Santa’s workshop, hang up your stocking, help two naughty goblins make a Christmas pudding and so much more.

Age: 5-8
Run Time: 4hrs 41m

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A Bad Kitty Christmas

A black cat with a white chest wearing a santa hat, on a Yoto card

Follow Bad Kitty as she runs across town and makes a new friend. A rhyming story for young children.

Age: 0-5
Run Time: 11m

Included in the Stocking Filler Bundle

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The Best Christmas Songs Yoto Cards

Prepare for a sing song with these Christmas song Yoto cards. Full of classic Christmas music, you will love listening along with the kids.

A Christmas Selection

A bumper pack of 5 cards full of festive cheer. There are 3 song cards and 2 story cards – everything they need for the whole advent period.

Age: 0-12
Run Time: 4hrs 40m

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A red yoto card with a large snowflake on it

10 classic Christmas songs that the whole family will know – perfect for a festive sing-a-long.

Age: 0-8
Run Time: 39m

Included in the Stocking Filler Bundle

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The Snowman

A yoto card with a picture of a cartoon snowman and a bow in pyjamas flying through the sky

The classic Snowman tale, with it’s well known soundtrack. 51 minutes of beautiful music and the story of a boy and his snowman.

Age: 0-8
Run Time: 51m

Included in the Christmas Selection

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Solo Piano Christmas

A sketch of a girl sitting at a piano

For a more soothing soundtrack then Solo Piano Christmas has 10 beautiful Christmas songs to help children relax and unwind. Perfect for drifting off to sleep to.

Age: 0-12
Run Time: 47m

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