November is here, which means I can FINALLY talk about Christmas to someone other than Piglet. He has been desperate to tell me about Santa for months, explaining which toys he would like and what he has to do to get them. If anyone has got it all sussed for this year it’s him!

The rest of us though….. there’s still some work to be done. To help you have a bit of inspiration for gifts for kids and toddlers this year I’ve collated all my favourite products for the boys at the moment to see if it helps your search for affordable gifts for kids.

Gifts For Toddlers

JJ has started to get in to role play games recently, and I can’t wait to see what he makes of this Carnival Play Set. Wooden and battery free, the only noises will be coming from him as he uses his imagination which I LOVE. The ferris wheel spins and 3 animal figures can be placed in to the carriages which is great for practicing those motor skills.

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Also on the wooden toy theme are a large wooden rainbow  and set of large Pips. Brightly coloured and chunky for little hands to grasp, they are designed for open ended play. Either alone or together they make a wonderful gift.

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For kids that want to try their hands at some simple crafts, I love paint sticks. The truly are mess free (assuming your kids are supervised!), simple to use and come in an array of colours. They are a great stocking filler idea and can be used time and time again.

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When preparing for the big man to arrive, this Peppa Pig Christmas Eve Set is perfect for leaving a mince pie and a glass of milk out for the harder worker himself. The worlds favourite pig on a bamboo festive plate that you can use again and again – what more could you ask for?

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PJ Masks are a big hit around here, and Piglet loves playing with his racers. Teamed with the PJ masks headquarters and transforming figure sets I’d say they are the most played with toys in the house, ones that they come back to time and time again. This year he has asked for the turbo movers, and I have a feeling that if he’s good Santa might just be able to sort that out.

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If you are looking for crafts and activities rather than just more toys, and early years subscription box means you can have new ideas landing on your door step all year round. Each box is packed full of equipment and instructions for hours of fun on a different theme.

Gifts For Bigger Kids

Toilet humour is king around here. I can’t remember what it is like to go for a whole hour without someone mentioning poo or bums. Pull My Finger is a game about a monkey that farts – I probably don’t need to say more than that do it? Pull his finger to make him bum inflate, if he farts then you lose. Simple but oh so hilarious.

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If you are looking to avoid buying more “stuff” but still get a gift that can last, I can really recommend a subscription to Banjo Robinson. He is a travelling cat that goes all over the world and sends letters to your kids. The letters are personalised (and you can pop online and add a PS with extra details too) and they are encouraged to write back to him using cat mail. My nephew has really gotten involved with it and loves telling us what the latest letter has said.

They could even draw Banjo a picture using these inspirational colouring pencils. The set of 10 pencils each have a phrase on them to inspire your child and help to boost their self esteem too. With an ergonomical design to promote early pencil grip they are a great gift and the tube is the ideal size to put in a stocking.

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For those kids who love face paints but you just don’t have the artistic skills required, Face Paintoos are a great alternative. We have really enjoyed using them this year as they are easy to apply and don’t break the bank.

We love to cook, and the kids are always keen to help out. The Casdon Kenwood Toy Mixer is a miniature working mixer. Designed with kids in mind, it works just like a normal Kenwood mixer but on a smaller scale. Perfect for your budding little chef to handle their own baking, leaving you to just take control of the oven.

If you are looking for a board game that the whole family can enjoy then I can definitely recommend Dough Nab. It keeps you on your toes and is fast paced, but there are also some simple adaptations that can be made for younger kids to be able to play too.

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My boys are big fans of cars, and Piglet has started to get really in to the Marvel characters over the course of this year. The Mod Squad Superhero Cars combine the two, and they are modular meaning you can take them apart and mix them up, creating their own hero cars using parts from their favourites.

Story Gifts

One of my favourite things to do with the kids is read stories. I think quiet time is a necessary part of their growth and development, plus I enjoy the cuddles too. As a twist from the usual books, this Moonlite Gift Pack allows you to turn your smart home in to a projector and have the stories up on the wall. I love the idea of it and I know my boys will too. It will keep them engaged, and will solve the arguement of who gets to sit closest to the book because it will be right there on the wall for all to see.

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The books we reach for time and time again are by Julia Donaldson, and they are a great option when looking for affordable gifts for kids. The Gruffalo and Zog are Piglet’s current favourites, and even JJ will sit relatively still to hear what happens. The rhyming and repetition have been great for encouraging speech too.

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Christmas Day Outfits

I love picking Christmas Day outfits for my boys. I usually go for a cute Christmas shirt and jeans, often with a bow tie too. If often doesn’t last though and they’re running around covered in chocolate and generally looking dishevelled long before we sit down for dinner.

This year my niece is going to be wearing this beautiful mustard dress. I adore the simplicity of it, and paired with a long sleeved vest underneath and a pair of thick tights I know she’s going to look adorable for those all important photos.

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