Over the last 6 months Piglet has become increasingly interested in the kitchen. He likes to help me make his meals, bake cakes and even wash the dishes, and of course I am always keen to encourage this. The problem is, kitchen equipment is all designed for adults, so he finds it difficult to have autonomy in there, having to ask me for help or to do something for him.

We were sent a Kenwood Mixer Toy by Casdon to try out, and Piglet was raring to go straight away. But how does it stand up to a 3 year old mini chef?

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What Does The Kenwood Toy Mixer Do?

The mixer has a lot of the functionality of your standard Kenwood mixers. If you put in 2 AA batteries you can switch it on and having it really mix! There is a speed control dial, or you can attach a handle and manually mix.

There are 2 beaters, a whisk and the classic ‘K’ beater that all Kenwood mixers have. This is my favourite part of the mixer as it is iconic and matches my “big” mixer. The top lifts up so you can change the beater or lift the small bowl in and out, and a little spatula is included for scraping the bowl. It is perfectly sized for little hands so they can do it all themselves.

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I was amazed to find a recipe book included, because the mixer actually works. It is not just a toy and doesn’t have to be relegated to a toy kitchen, you can make basic cakes and treats in it.

What Is It Teaching Your Child?

I am a firm believer in learning through play, and the Montesorri method advocates letting children learn with real items. The Kenwood Titanium Mixer allows exactly for that, it is a real working product just scaled down to suit smaller hands.

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Turning the handle to beat the mixer is a great exercise in hand eye coordination, and turning the speed dial teaches cause and effect. It can be tempting to try and “control” what they are doing, but let them work it out! If they make a mess then encourage them to clean it up and talk about how it happened. Was the beater going too fast with flour in it that made it spray out? Would it work better with liquid in there too?

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Measuring out the ingredients for your recipes is also teaching a host of skills. There is numerical learning, weights, hand eye coordination and more. Never underestimate the skills acquired from what we would consider a normal every day task.

What Do Kids Thing Of The Kenwood Titanium Mixer?

Piglet adores it. At first he set it up next to his toy kitchen, making up pretend cakes and breads for me to then “eat”. He hit a little snag with lifting the top up and down to change the beaters. it is quite stiff and there is a bit of a knack to it. He is almost 4, and I would hope that as he gets older it should get a little easier for him. I love seeing his imagination working in this role play set up, and he has great fun in pretending to be a baker or a chef and serving me and JJ as his customers.

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He couldn’t believe his luck when I took it through to the kitchen to have it work “properly”. We tried a simple sponge cake and, although he had fun, I found the mixer struggled with the volume. I opted to take some of the mixture out and just leave him with a smaller amount that the Kenwood Mixer could handle. He then helped me beat that in to the rest of the mixture which I had mixed by hand.

Both beaters are plastic, due to the risk of little fingers getting trapped. For this reason less viscous recipes work best.

While I popped the cake in the oven Piglet took care of the washing up, carefully cleaning his equipment just like it tells him to in the recipe book. I could tell he felt very grown up and proud of his work, and he definitely loves his Toy Kenwood Titanium Mixer. Now we just have to decide what to make next!

We were sent a Casdon Kenwood Toy Mixer for the purposes of carrying out a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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