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With the Easter holidays in full swing and Spring bringing the promise of better weather it is a no brainer in our house that we would be spending as much time as possible outdoors. In summer 2019 we made big changes to our garden, changing it from a fairly dangerous wasteland into a low maintenance and fun place for the kids to play (and for me to try and peacefully read my book without them noticing). Our collection of garden toys has mostly been on a large scale so far, featuring a trampoline, slide and play house, and so I was excited to receive some Cat toys for the boys to play with instead.

My boys have always gone mad for vehicles. JJ in particular has loved trucks and cars for a long time, so as soon as they laid eyes on the Cat Toys they were running off with them. We have a collection of Power Hauler VehiclesMini Crew Vehicles and Little Machines Packs so pretty much every kind of vehicle is covered. With an array of stones in different areas of the garden the vehicles were quickly put to use in our very own quarry.

Power Hauler Vehicles

The largest vehicles in the range were of course grabbed first – size is everything in the eyes of a toddler. They immediately got busy digging up stones and pretending to put them in to the cement mixer. They have larger rubber wheels which make them suitable for pushing around, even on the rocky terrain. There are buttons to make sounds, and pushing the vehicles forwards and backwards makes engine revving or beeping sounds.

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The one complaint I have is that there is no off switch, and it doesn’t take much for the noises to be started off. We are using them as outdoor toys so it isn’t a real issue for us, however if you were using them inside in a confined space the noise could get on your nerves eventually.

Mini Crew And Little Machines

While the big vehicles caught their eye first, do not underestimate the value of the smaller vehicles. They are perfect for little hands and the ideal size for small world sensory play. Each of the vehicles has a moveable part, be it the back of the dump truck or the arm of the digger. This means there is hours of fun as the vehicles can each have a job to do.

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The size of the little Cat toys also means they are ideal for play on the go. We are going on holiday to Center Parcs next month and I definitely think I’ll be taking a couple of them with me for playing in our lodge with. After the initial excitement the smaller vehicles have been played with just as much as the Power Haulers. They are available individually or as a pack of 5.

Imaginative Play

What I love about the Cat toys is the world of imaginative play it opens up. They may be vehicles at first sight, but the games have changed from a quarry to a building site to making a garden (having seen the digger in our garden a few years ago). I have even stood back and listened to the mummy and daddy vehicle telling their children vehicle to eat their tea, stifling my giggles at hearing our family life play out in their games. Children don’t always seem things in the same way we do, so letting them take a toy and have open ended play with it is lovely to watch.

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Cat Toys Power Hauler VehiclesMini Crew Vehicles and Little Machines Packs are all available online and in store at Tesco now, or on Amazon.