A bucket of Little Brian Paint Sticks, with a child reaching forwards to grab a paint stick

Spring Crafts With Little Brian Paint Sticks | AD

Some parents love doing crafts with their kids. They live for the glittery, sticky creations and enjoy watching their imaginations run wild. I am not those parents. I like clean activities, structured “fun” and minimal tidy up. Unfortunately for me, my kids did not get that memo and often ask me if they can make something. And that’s when I pull out my trump card – Little Brian Pant Sticks.

What Are Little Brian Paint Sticks?

I was first introduced to Little Brian Paint Sticks in 2019. My kids were 1 and 3 and the thought of pulling out paints and messy around with brushes and water filled me with dread. From the first day we opened the Little Brian Paint Sticks I haven’t looked back – we don’t have any other paint in the house. They are pretty much exactly how they sound – paint in stick form. Made from recycled materials, they are similar to a traditional glue stick in design, making them super easy to use.

A box of Little Brian Paint Sticks next to a painting on tinfoil
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There are a range of Little Brain Paint Sticks products available, but you will find that most of them come with a range of classic, day-glo and metallic colours. The assorted colour pack of 24 is a great starter set with everything you need to create a masterpiece, but my favourite has always been the Little Brian Paint Sticks Bucket. With 20 sticks in a handy bucket it is easy to tidy up and store, and can easily be taken with us when we have a weekend away for mess free fun on the go.

How Do You Use Little Brian Paint Sticks?

There is no magic secret to it – you just open the lid and go! At 2 JJ can get the lids off himself but needs a little bit of help getting them on fully when he’s finished. The most obvious place to use paint sticks is on paper, but they actually have lots of uses.

A top down view of a painting a child is making using paint sticks
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I like to let the boys use them on the windows before I give them a clean. The paint goes on smoothly and it gives them a huge canvas to cover, plus our neighbours can enjoy their artwork from the street. The chunky shape is great for early mark making and easy for little hands to hold.

Recently we tried some painting on tinfoil, which gave a fun sensory aspect to the play. You paint on the foil in exactly the same way as you do on paper. Stamping, dotting and blending colours all work really well – there are lots of options!

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However, if simple painting is what they want then the Little Brian Mini Paint Sticks Art Station is the perfect set up. It is a tabletop easel that stores flat and has space to hold both mini paint sticks but also mini chalk sticks too. Double sided, you can have twice the fun with chalk and paint depending on their mood. It also comes with 10 sheets of A5 paper and A duster so it is ready to use straight out of the box. There is storage space for the paint sticks and chalk and a carry handle so it is perfect for artwork on the go.

A Little Brian Paint Sticks mini art station with ODDHOGG written on it
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Nurturing Creativity Without A Mess

Right now, more than ever, I want to make sure my kids get the chance to explore all aspects of their creativity. Art and crafts is a great way to do this, letting kids express themselves through their creations. With Little Brian Paint Sticks I am more open to the idea of getting crafty. They wipe clean – and I do really mean that. JJ once got some of the red paint on our white wall by mistake, I was a bit skeptical of how well it would clean up but it came straight off.

Some paint sticks in the foreground with a child painting in the back ground
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There is no need to worry about pots of water and brushes that are just a disaster waiting to happen. No lengthy clean ups, there is honestly no mess. The paint dries within 60 seconds, so when they pick up their painting to show you there’s no need to worry about it getting all over their hands – it’s probably already dry!

Simple Spring Painting Activities

With a hint of spring in the air and mothers day just around the corner we have been busy making some gifts to give my mum. She has received more than her fair share of paintings from the boys, so this year I wanted to help them make something a bit more unusual. JJ and I had made some handprints one day, and Zee had the idea to make them in to butterflies.

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Because Little Brian Paint Sticks dry so fast you have to act quickly when you’re doing handprints – but it can be done! Spread the paint across the hands well and press it on to the paper, then leave it there for 10-15 seconds while the paint dries a bit. Because the paint isn’t as wet as regular paint you’ll find hands don’t slide or move around too much, which is perfect for fidgety kids. And because they are washable the paint comes straight off hands when you wash them.

Zee printed a set of big handprints and JJ did a set below (with some help). Some black paint made the body and antenna and voila – a simple spring craft!

I was sent a Little Brian Paint Sticks for the purposes of this review and compensated for my time. All words and opinions are my own.

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