Last year Zee was introduced to Ricky Zoom for the first time. He was taken by Ricky’s upbeat attitude and the adventures he goes on with his friends. Now that JJ is a bit older he has a fascination with anything with wheels and so Ricky Zoom had become a firm favourite of his too, and so with Christmas around the corner I have been on the lookout for some fun Ricky Zoom toys that they could play with together.

2 children playing with a Ricky Zoom playset together
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What Is Ricky Zoom?

Ricky Zoom is set in Wheelford – a two-wheeled town that is just for bikes. The show is on Milkshake on Channel 5 at 7:40am. It follows Ricky, a red motor bike, as he is guided around life in Wheelford by his family and the close knit community. He aspires to be a rescue bike one day, just like his Mum and Dad, and idolises Steel Awesome – a professional stunt bike and action hero.

In each episode there is always a mystery or problem to be solved. Whether it’s helping Officer Bunker solve a crime, coming to the rescue with his mum and dad or helping the town get a job done, Ricky Zoom and his bike buddies are always on hand to save the day.

Family Values

One of the best aspects about Ricky Zoom is the focus on family values. Ricky lives with his Mum and Dad, Helen and Hank, and his little sister, Toot. While his parents are always there to lend a hand if needed, Ricky is encouraged to resolve his own problems and think for himself. A sense of teamwork comes across in all episodes, whether its within Ricky’s family, with his friends or across the wider Wheelford community.

Charity Partnership

In the run up to Christmas most of us are wrapped up in our concerns about whether we’ll be able to spend it with extended family, but there are many people who will struggle with the basics at this time of year. Ricky Zoom is supporting Banardos again this Christmas. The Big Toddle event is a fun way for children to support other kids in need this Christmas.

Ricky’s House Playset

At the heart of so many Ricky Zoom episodes is Ricky’s house, where he lives with his family. With Ricky’s House Playset the kids can now have all the fun in their own home. My boys have played with it every day since we got it, I think largely because it is so interactive and has so many cool features. The set comes with 1 Ricky Zoom toy, but is compatible with other available toys from the series.

A Ricky Zoom Ricky's House Playset on a white counter with a Ricky Zoom figure next to it
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Building Ricky’s House Playset

The playset comes in a few pieces then you have to slot together. You also need to add batteries for the sounds and door to work. That part didn’t take long, but then you need to apply the stickers. This is my pet hate of playsets but it is really common and didn’t take TOO long. Unfortunately after a few days of use one of the stickers started to come off, but with a bit of glue it was easily sorted.

Once the buildings are stacked on top of each other and the stickers are in place, all you have to do is add the ramps and then Ricky’s House Playset is ready to use.

Music And Sounds

To open the door to the lift, Ricky can press the button at the base with his wheel. This kicks off one of the sounds, either music, a siren, motorbike racing sounds or mechanical tool sounds. This feature can be turned on and off using a switch on the right.

A Ricky Zoom toy pressing a button on a playset
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To the left of the lift is a launcher. You push it back until it clicks, place Ricky in the middle, press the button and he shoots out – ready to save the day. My boys have set this up over and over again and I think it might be their favourite feature.

Tyre Checker

On the right of the lift is the tyre checker. You place Ricky on the slot and then spin the discs and watch his tyre go around. I thought this was quite cool but the kids haven’t really used it. I think it might be due to its location as it is hidden under one of the ramps.

A Ricky Zoom toy on the tyre checker of Ricky's House Play set. The toy is facing the camera while a child's hand turns the spinners
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There is a manual lift to take Ricky up and down between the levels. He could use the ramps to get to the second level, but the lift is the only way to get up to the third level at the top. The handle for the lift is at the back of Ricky’s House Playset, and there are guides for where to stop the lift for each floor.

2nd Level Features

There are 2 sides to the 2nd level of the playset. The right hand side opens up and is a handy spot to store Ricky’s accessories (included as part of the set). This can be closed up when not in use. On the left there are 2 ramps, and a section where you can line Ricky up and then tip him down the ramp at speed.

A red section of a playset for storing motor bike accessories
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If you want to see all of the features in action then this video shows them all.

Rotating Lookout Platform and Telescope

The top deck features a rotating lookout platform and a telescope for keeping an eye on Wheelford and looking out for trouble. We have had a lot of fun trying to get Ricky to keep standing while we turn the platform. We haven’t managed it yet but it’s given us a lot of laughs anyway.

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Ricky Zoom Family Pack

Ricky is all you need to play with the house playset – but everything is so much better with friends. To allow both boys to play at the same time we also have the Ricky Zoom Family Pack. It contains Hank, Helen, Ricky and Toot, so the whole family can be there all at the same time.

The characters stand upright by themselves – something that I often struggle to do with toy motorbikes. Their front wheels move from side to side, so you can guide them in the direction you would like. Hank and Helen are slightly bigger than Ricky, who is slightly bigger than toot, reflecting the ages of the bikes and staying fairly true to the tv show.

Ricky Zoom Family Pack of toys lined up in front of Ricky's House Playset
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The family pack is the perfect addition to the house playset, as they are the characters that live and work there. It does mean we have 2 Rickys, but I’m sure anyone with 2 kids will tell you that having enough for one each is no bad thing! It has saved squabbles and both boys are happy.

A child lying down to play with a motorbike playset
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All 4 of the Family Pack characters fit in Ricky’s House Playset. They can roll up and down the ramps, speed off from the launcher and use the tyre checker. It is a great way for the whole family to get involved in some play together.

I was sent Ricky’s House Playset and Ricky Zoom family pack and compensated for my time when writing this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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