One of the downsides of being a work at home mum is finding the time to actually work! Nap times and evenings only go so far, and so last year we made the decision to put Piglet in to nursery for a few hours a week. Working out that he (and I) would benefit from some time in childcare was easy – but finding the right place was a whole different ball game.

Trusting someone with your child feels very bizarre at first. Piglet had only ever been with us or our extended family. Knowing that you’re going to be handing them over to a stranger for hours at a time can make you feel a bit squirmy, so it’s important to find the right place. Each child is different and there’s no one size fits all childcare set up that will suit every child. But where do you start looking?

A group of children in childcare watching something on the floor with their teacherRelated Post: Preparing A Pet To Meet Your Baby is a one stop shop fo finding childcare near you. They have a database of childcare options, be it nurseries, childminders, nanny’s or after school clubs. From the homepage you just select what it is you are looking for and the area you live in and they bring up a list of options for you.

I was surprised to find 21 childminders within 2 miles of my house. I would never have dreamed that there would be so many to choose from, never mind know where to look for them. You can read reviews of each childminder and see their qualifications and availability, plus an idea of price. Each childminder can also upload documentation as evidence of their qualifications. This was a huge plus for me as it means I can make a shortlist early on before I have even started arranging visits.

In the end we chose a private nursery for Piglet. I had a look at the options for daycare near me and I was able to find one that differed from you usual nursery set up. It only runs for 3 hours a day and with a single playroom, with no meals served on site (only snacks). It was the perfect setting for Piglet to flourish and he settled happily there from day one. This year he is heading to his school nursery, getting all his preschool education ready for when the time comes to start school.

Going forward, I plan to eventually return to a “normal” job. When the boys are in school I want to be able to do something for me, but I also want to be there for them at least a few days before or after school. I do love the idea of in-home child care, and so I  think we’ll be going down the childminder route. I know that will be able to help me find a safe and secure place where my boys will be happy, making the decision a lot less stressful for us all.

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