Across the country things can be a little depressing right now. We’re in the midst of a very strange time, and keeping the children apart from their family at friends has felt very counter intuitive as a parent. Throughout it all I have strived to maintain some form of normality for the kids, and part of that is showing them that life is still full of little celebrations if you just look for them.

A TV playing Love Monster, with a little boy standing in front of it
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Fluffy Town’s Celebrations

My boys often ask to watch Love Monster, ever since we first came across it at the start of the year. I’ve mentioned in the past that I really enjoy what the show stands for – diversity, celebrating and accepting one another’s differences and working together with friends to overcome obstacles.

The residents of Fluffy Town, where Love Monster lives, have a different kind of celebration every day. Whether it be Hot Chocolate Day, Sharing With Others Day or Plant A Seed Day, they take the little things that we do every day and turn them into events. Something worth celebrating and enjoying together with family and friends. The is just one aspect of Fluffy Town life that we should be trying to incorporate into our own lives – that the little things in life can be celebrated and fun.

Love Monster Toys

To try and encourage that way of thinking at home, I am using Love Monster toys. They serve as a visual reminder to the children that there is something to be celebrated wherever you look, and they’re fun to play with too! This range of toys is available to buy in Argos now, if you want to get your own.

Two stuffed monster toys and 5 little plastic animal figurines
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Giggle And Hug Love Monster

The biggest of the Love Monster toys range is the Giggle And Hug Love Monster, and he is around 25cm tall. He comes with his own Monster Teddy in his hand, to make him feel safe and secure just like it down in Fluffy Town. The Giggle And Huge Love Monster plays the shows theme tune if you press one hand and talks when you press the other. Giving him a big hug or tickling his tummy makes him giggle. He is so full of emotions that his heart even lights up when he talks.

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Zee loves it, constantly giving it a tickle just to hear the laugh, or pressing his hand so he can dance around to the music. He announced that he was taking him to bed from the very first night, so I flicked the off switch which is hidden on his back so that he would suddenly giggle through the night if Zee brushed against his stomach.

Fun Sounds Love Monster

At 20cm tall the Fun Sounds Love Monster is slightly smaller, but no less fun to play with. His heart sparkles with iridescent fabric, and if you press his hands he talks. The boys love it when he asks for a hug so they can give him a big squeeze!

A wooden rainbow next to a fluffy monster toy. There is a boy smiling in the background slightly out of focus
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Fluffy Town Friends Figurine Pack

Elder Kitten, Bad Idea Puppy, Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny, and Book Cub all feature alongside Love Monster in the Fluffy Town Friends Figurine Pack. Both my children adore little figures to play with, but JJ in particular has taken a shine to these. They are between 6-8cm tall and perfect for little hands to grab and move around.

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The figurines allow for imaginative play. So far they have had a has built for them, taken a walk on the racing track and sailed away on little boats made out of parts of a wooden rainbow. I love the way the children’s minds work watching them come up with new scenarios for the Fluffy Town residents to celebrate.

An At Home Treasure Hunt

One of Zee’s favourite episodes of Love Monster is Treasure Hunt Day. He was so excited when I said we could do our own special treasure hunt at home. He grabbed Love Monster and we headed to the kitchen to make some cookies. We talked about how Love Monster had made the cookies in the shape of his friends, but we went for simple round ones. Fun Sounds Love Monster gave them the once over before they went in the oven. Apparently he was checking to make sure they were all the same size!

A fluffy Love Monster toy sitting next to a tray of cookies on a baking tray ready to go in the oven
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Current restrictions in Scotland mean we can’t have friends over for the treasure hunt, and so we decided to enlist Daddy’s help. He created the treasure hunt for Zee to do, and hid the special cookie prize at the end. Zee was in his element. This is the kind of stuff that he loves to do. We had done it lots on holiday when we were outdoors but I had never really thought about doing it inside before.

A Love Monster toy sitting with his hands on a treasure map
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With Love Monster by his side, Zee found the pictures and placed them on his map. He had to think outside of the box a little bit and use some problem solving to work out where the next clue might be. As he can’t read yet we used diagrams of the hiding places, but you could easily recreate it yourself with little words or mini poems for where they have to look.

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The final clue took him to a cupboard, where the cookies were hiding along with the rest of the Fluffy Town residents. Zee hadn’t seen them before as they had arrived while he was at nursery so he was delighted with the little bonus surprise.

A plate of cookies surrounded by Love Monster figurines
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Of course JJ decided he was suddenly interested in the activity after all once the prize had been found. Nothing quite like a cookie to spark a toddlers interest! So he joined in for the taste test and they ended the activity with all their toys together.

Everyday is full of fun. Every day’s a special one.

Love Monster Theme Song
Love Monster toys in front of the bodies of 2 children
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Discussing Life’s Little Celebrations With Kids

Having a little celebration at home was a great conversation starter with Zee. As an adult I have struggled with the changes to our world this year, and although Zee seems to have taken it really well I know he has his own frustrations and confusion too. We were able to talk about the fact that not having friends over doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. That something as simple as a treasure hunt, or a hot chocolate on a cold day, can still be a little celebration for our own family. The world may have slowed down a bit, but it hasn’t stopped and there is still enjoyment to be had if you just look.

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