When it comes to my own children I like to think I know what they would like and what they wouldn’t really be interested in. I have, unsurprisingly, spent enough time with them to know that Zee is firmly into superheros and playing outside, while JJ likes cars and truck or anything with wheels. When it comes to other children though, it can be a bit more difficult. I am blessed with 9 nieces and nephews, and with so many different personalities to keep up with in the past I have found myself coming up short. Luckily Wicked Uncle are on hand to help!

With the help of their website, plus my 14 years of experience in buy gifts for children I have these top tips. for making sure you buy a gift a child ACTUALLY wants.

Stay Away From TV Characters

Unless you are SURE it is still popular. Just because last time you saw you niece she loved Frozen it doesn’t mean she still wants everything to do with Elsa and Anna. You’d be surprised how quickly these phases move on, so unless their parent has specifically told you that Paw Patrol or Octonauts is the way to go then steer clear!

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Make Sure It’s Age Appropriate

You might have loved making lego when you were a kid, but buy a set thats aimed at 12+ for a 4 year old is going to end up in disaster. They will want to do it but most likely not quite be able, and then their parents will be cursing you for the time they’ll have to spend dealing with the frustration and then inevitably doing it themselves.

Similarly, just because a 7 year old likes dinosaurs it doesn’t mean they want a 4 piece puzzle aimed at 2-3 year olds. It doesn’t take long to look at the target age for a gift, and if you don’t know their level of ability then go with the recommendation!

Think Outside The Box

There is nothing worse than thinking you’ve bought the perfect gift, and then watching them open it to hear “I’ve already got one of those”. With large extended families all spoiling the children with gifts each birthday and Christmas it is the thing I fear most – and so thinking away from the expected norms really helps.

If you know they like to be creative and draw and paint, then try and come up with a new idea along that theme – but totally different to what they have already tried. It could be a bath bomb creating kit or perfume lab. Or for a child that loves to be outdoors it might be a scavenger hunt pack or a set of walkie talkies. The wild card gifts are often the most loved as they are completely different to everything else they receive.

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How Can Wicked Uncle Help?

The Wicked Uncle website is packed full of gift ideas, and there truly is something to suit everyone. The gifts are all generic, so there is no fear of choosing the wrong character and having your present as being declared “not cool enough”. You can sort the gift ideas by gender, age and category, so it’s really simple to look up books and games for 4-7 year olds or adventurer gifts for 9 year old girls. With their help, plus next day delivery, you don’t have any excuse to not pick the perfect gift every time.

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