Sunny Bunnies are a new discovery in our household, but it is definitely one of the current favourites. Lighthearted and fun, the Sunny Bunnies spread sunshine and fun wherever they go. JJ in particular seems taken with their bright colours and fluffy exteriors, and so having one of his own at home was the obvious next step!

We were sent a Hopper Sunny Bunnies Giggle And Hop soft toy to enjoy at home. JJ loved him immediately, laughing and trying to get him out of the packaging. Hopper’s characteristic green fur was instantly recognisable, but Big Boo, Shiny, Turbo and Iris are also available to purchase.

A young boy sat on a brown sofa and holding a green fluffy toy out in front of him. He is smiling at the toy
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Sunny Bunnies Toys

The large Giggle And Hop toys laugh and hop about the floor when you press their mouth. They are 29cm tall and very cuddly – when they’re not hopping around! They are powered using 3AAA batteries which are held in a motor within the bunny.

There are also medium sized Giggle And Wiggle Sunny Bunnies – a 20cm fluffy, wiggling balls of fun – and small sound slammers. The slammers are around 10cm and perfect little stocking fillers.

A large green Sunny Bunnies and a small pink Sunny Bunnies sitting on a child's bed
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Sunny Bunnies Giggle And Hop Soft Toys

Right away JJ wanted to get Hopper out of the box and to play with him. I have to admit that at first I actually thought it wasn’t working, because I couldn’t work out how to press the button. I soon worked it out, but it’s something JJ still struggles with as the button isn’t quite lined up perfectly with the mouth. This means I have to press it for him, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not a particularly big issue.

A little boy touching the mouth of a Sunny Bunnies toy
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JJ loves trying to hold on to Hopper as he jumps and wiggles around. He ends up in hysterics as his whole body shakes along with the toy, eventually letting go so Hopper can hop around on the floor. Once he’s on the loose he can move quite fast on our laminate flooring and JJ giggle along with him as he chases him around.

A toddler laughing at a green fluffy toy in his hands
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The big ears on the Sunny Bunnies makes them easy to carry around, even at the bottom end of the target age (12m+). They are a great toy for your little Sunny Bunnies fan and bring a bit of laughter and fun to your home.

We were sent Sunny Bunnies toys in order to create this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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