When we bought our house in 2015 we knew it needed a lot of work. It was always going to be a big undertaking but we were ready for it! Fast forward to 2018 and we’ve finally finished the inside of the home. We have floors and bathrooms and all sorts – we feel mighty posh.

Unfortunately the outside of the house doesn’t quite match up to the inside. We are definitely the shabby house on the street! The garage is slowly falling down, and the gardens…. wow they’re embarrassing. The time as come for a makeover, and we have some grand ideas!

Garden Makeover Ideas

Front Garden And Driveway

Our front garden is currently made up of 3 separate patches of grass, separated by a space to park a car and a path to the front door. JHogg and I are not gardening people and we hate nothing more than cutting the grass and trimming the hedges, so we plan to rip pretty much all of it out.

We want to add tarmac down the righthand side of the drive so we will have space to fit two cars in the drive at the same time, we may even be able to squeeze a third in if we have visitors. Low maintenance is definitely key and there’s no hope of weeds worming their up through tarmac.

On the other side we’re going to add two sections of artificial turf. We want to raise them up and use old sleepers as a boarder. Each of the turf areas will be surrounded by slate chips, and then we want to add a paved path up to the front door. We hope that it will look sleek and modern while eliminating the need for regular maintenance.

A close up of grass
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Back Garden

Our back garden is going to get a similar low maintenance treatment. We have a patio but there is no railing on it despite a 5ft drop off the edge. We plan to have it extended so it captures more of the sun, and have a railing added. That way we can have the boys go out to play without worrying that they’ll fall.

The grass is also being ripped up and replaced with artificial turf in the back too. JHogg hopes to build a small deck area where the sun hits the bottom of the garden, where we can relax in some seating and watch the children play on the trampoline. Maybe even install a hammock so we all laze in the garden in the summer. He wants to re-fence the garden too so we can have a little more privacy.

A flame BBQ with burgers and sausages and a pair of tongs holding a burger
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We’re already mentally planning the barbecues we will be able to have, or sitting outside with a glass of wine and a chiminea to keep us warm. We just have to hope the end result isn’t too far away!

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