The global pandemic has brought major disruption to all of our lives. For our kids, though, their lives have been turned upside down.

While you’ve done a great job with homeschooling, the promise of a return to school is a source of excitement for all. However, all parents should be prepared for their children to undergo a period of uncertainty. Your active involvement will be crucial in helping them through that transition. The following five steps will yield great results for all.

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1 – Communicate With Teachers

In truth, you’ve probably enjoyed a closer (albeit virtual) relationship with teachers than ever before. Do not let the return of traditional learning put an end to this newfound bond. Working together gives your child the very best education as they will gain consistency at home and in the classroom. In turn, this allows you to celebrate your son or daughter’s strengths. Perhaps more importantly, it enables you to correct any weaknesses or concerns. In these strange times, social developments are even more likely. Embrace it.

2 – Embrace The School Run

Your child is used to having you around more than ever before. Conversely, they are not used to being out of the home for long periods. Therefore, the whole process of getting back to school can be a little overwhelming. The school run can be a great way to ease them back into old habits. This is also a chance to discuss concerns and review their day at school. As time goes on, you can think about carpools or letting your child use the school bus once more. The journey back to normality shouldn’t be rushed.

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3 – Be Involved With Extracurricular Events

Children are resilient, and will get used to being back in the classroom and not having you as a teacher. However, you can still make your presence felt in other activities. The school may need to complete a few fundraising activities over the months to come. You can get involved by helping to organise a school fun run as part of a fundraiser day or weekend. Alternatively, you may wish to consider helping out the rugby coach on match days or training. Similarly, your support on field trips are great for your child as well as the teachers.

4 – Encourage Outside Friendships

Your child may have played online games with their friends, but they’ve not been together for long periods. Sadly, the classroom may only offer a limited opportunity to restore those bonds. Therefore, parents can take the initiative by arranging playdates, sleepovers, and days out with another family. Of course, you will need to take precautions to maintain safety for everyone. Nonetheless, kids have missed out for far too long. Embracing friendships in small groups outside of school can be less daunting too.

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5 – Use Rewards Systems

All humans respond well to praise and repeat habits that bring rewards. Parents can encourage this by incorporating age-appropriate rewards systems. Young kids will respond well to sticker charts that lead to small rewards. Older kids may be better suited to pocket money or the opportunity to meet up with friends, even if it’s online. Essentially, if their continued success in the classroom benefits their personal lives, they will keep up the good work. You’ve got this!

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