If you are keen to spend your time in lockdown searching for a new car, you may have a strict set of criteria to fulfil. You need a safe vehicle, a car that is cheap to run, a set of wheels that is a great drive, and something that doesn’t cost a fortune to purchase. Driving a vehicle away from the forecourt may see you with a shiny brand new car but it will decrease in value the moment you add mileage to the clock. Instead, opt for a used vehicle. Now, you could go for the gas-guzzling SUV but an electric or hybrid alternative could be well worth considering.

What Should You Consider Before Buying A Hybrid Car?


Buying a hybrid can be a shock to your pocket. They are always more expensive than their diesel or petrol counterparts. However, buying a hybrid or an electric vehicle can pay for itself in the long term. You won’t have to pay any tax on your vehicle and those expensive congestion zones in cities won’t have to concern you as your set of wheels won’t produce any emissions. You could also find that your new electric car doesn’t belong to a costly insurance group, easing the burden on your pocket. When you do look for electric vehicle insurance, shop the market and head online to find the most appropriate cover for you.

Running costs will also be low. You won’t have to worry about filling your tank every week with diesel at the petrol station. All you need to do is charge up your battery in between journeys. When your vehicle requires a service, you won’t have any expensive parts to worry about and you can enjoy a cheaper to run set of wheels.

Longer journeys and road trips can be less expensive in an electric vehicle. You no longer have to worry about plotting the petrol stations en route and you only ever have to stop to charge up your motor.

An electric car charging symbol in green
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The Drive

Many people have a negative impression of electric and hybrid cars. A decade ago they were boxy, looked unattractive, and were a real niche vehicle. The largest car makes didn’t even attempt to move with the times to create a cleaner and more environmentally friendly set of wheels. However, fast forward to today and you can enjoy a thrilling ride. Makes like Volkswagen, Porsche, and Masarati are producing the latest generation of hybrids. They accelerate just as quickly as diesel alternatives. They handle corners well and are aesthetically pleasing.


If you want to teach your children about the environment and you want to do your bit as a family to be green and sustainable, think about buying a hybrid. By having one of these motors on your driveway, this can be a great segway into showing your kids how to save the planet. Couple your purchase of an electric vehicle with your drive for recycling, your eagerness to upcycle your furniture, and your desire to use energy saving electric bulbs across your home.

Buying an electric or hybrid vehicle can be a lot of fun. There are a whole host of new and exciting vehicles coming onto the market. Buying this newer and more environmentally friendly alternative is the easiest way to futureproof your twenty first century travel.

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