To say I am relieved to have survived the summer holidays would be an understatement. Piglet is right at that stage where he needs activities….. so many activities. I can now hand him over to nursery for 3 hours every morning to burn off energy and play with his friends.

There is one aspect of nursery that I don’t like though – and that’s the school run. At his old nursery Piglet started at 9am, which was just about manageable. The time has come for preschool though, and that means attending the school at 8:30am. I am NOT a morning person.

Trying to pull myself together enough to get out the door at that time is a struggle, I won’t lie. Trying to find something to wear that is easy to grab in a rush while scoffing toast and hunting for my hair brush, but that also looks good. It’s not easy!

Hari And The Gang offered to send me one of their cowl neck hoodies to try out and I immediately said yes. Hoodies and jeans or leggings is my go to for comfort, but I don’t have many hoodies that look nice enough to wear in public. My favourite hoodie for the last few years is one I was given at my old job, but it’s a mens hoodie size large and comes down to my knees, taking oversized to a whole new level. Plus it has the company logo all over it – it’s not school run material!

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I chose the cowl neck rainbow hoodie, but actually I found it really difficult to narrow it down to just one. I was really tempted by the Happy and Hello designs, but the rainbow did just win this time. I usually wear a size 10/12, but the sizing of the hoodies are 8/10 or 12/14. I do prefer a slightly looser fit so I went with the larger size and it fits perfectly.

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When the hoodie arrived I immediately loved it. I have never had a cowl neck hoodie before and it is so comfortable. Before I had kids I was known in my office for always wearing a scarf. Always. Some of them are so large my colleagues often joked they are picnic blankets. Young kids and scarves don’t often work (I’ve been mildly strangled one too many times now) so I love the fact the cowl neck comes up around my neck and keeps it warm. The weather is changing here in Scotland, summer is always a very short affair in Aberdeen, and the cowl neck will stop the chill in the early mornings until jacket weather is fully here.

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The thumb loops on the sleeves are going to be great for keeping my hands warm, either pushing the buggy or when holding the steering wheel – because who can ever find their gloves when they need them. It is such a small feature but it’s one of those things that I really love in a hoodie.

The material of the hoodie is extremely soft. I like the length of it, long enough that I’m not constantly pulling it down. It’s comfortable to wear with either leggings or jeans, or even just at home over my PJs!

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I’ve survived 3 days of the school run so far with my Hari And The Gang hoodie by my side to detract attention from my unwashed hair and bags under my eyes. I know it’s going to get loads of use, and I’m dropping hints for which one I want to get for my birthday next month!

I was sent a Hari And The Gang rainbow cowl neck hoodie for the purposes of this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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