At the start of this year Piglet had his first experience of face paints at a birthday party. He adored it and was so proud, making me facetime everyone he knows so he could show them it before we washed his face before bed. He asks for them regularly now and at first I thought it was be great fun doing it at home. I have lovely memories of my mum doing my face paints regularly as a child and had visions of doing the same with my boys. Except it turns out I have no skills when it comes to face paints, and my imagination isn’t great so I am definitely lacking in face paint ideas.

Face Paintoos have come up with an idea to help all of us who are more challenged in the artistic department. Temporary tattoos designed to look like face paints, they claim to be a smudge free and simple alternative to traditional face paints. With no need for face paint stencils, you can have a professional looking painted face in no time at all.

What Is In The Box?

We were sent a party pack to try out, with designs for wild animals, pets and magical. Each of the tattoos are on sheets just like the standard temporary tattoos I remember from when I was a kid. In the box there are also wipes for the removal of the Face Paintoos and a sponge to help with application.

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There was a great selection of designs to choose from. I immediately knew that the unicorn face paints would be popular, so I was glad to see that the pack comes with 2 of those on a sheet. The dragon face paints will also be a big hit with the dinosaur and dragon mad boys in my family!

Piglet was super excited from the minute he saw the box. He chose to be a Dalmatian first, as he wanted to be just like Marshall from Paw Patrol. I was a bit disappointed to find that I had to cut out each individual part for every Face Paintoo. When you have a twitchy child next to you, desperate to get going, cutting out multiple shapes was not ideal. While it’s not the end of the world it did significantly slow down what would otherwise have been a very quick process.

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Face Paintoos Size

They are recommended for age 4+ but I had decided that although Piglet is only 3 and a half he would be ok to have them. He has had temporary tattoos before, doesn’t have sensitive skin and is happy to sit still for normal face paints so I saw no reason it wouldn’t work for him.

Unfortunately I hadn’t taken in to account the size of his face! The downfall of being below the recommended age is that Piglet’s just a touch small for them. I managed to get around it and trim the sections down to fit his face, but I’ll be keeping back some of the bigger patterns for his older nephews to use.

Face Paintoos Application

I used a hairband to pull his hair back, as his short hair was going to get in the way of the Face Paintoos placement. Working from the top down I got it on to his face and he loved it. I found the sponge that was provided a bit stiff so I swapped it for a soft cloth and it was much more effective. Application was quick and easy and I finished in no time at all. Piglet was SO proud of it and ran around the garden barking for a while, in case there had been any doubt about what he was.

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Did It Stay On?

Over the course of the afternoon he ran and played, ate lunch and gulped water. The majority of his Face Paintoos stayed in place, only the section on his upper lip coming away. This is mostly likely due to wiping his mouth when he ate and drank, but it was also the section that was most precarious in the first place due to his very small upper lip so it wasn’t really a surprise.

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Before his bath I removed the majority of it with the wipes provided (using 2 due to the size of this design) and the rest came away with soap and water. I was relieved at how easily it came off if I’m honest – I was having visions of having to explain his Dalmatian face to nursery. The last time Piglet had face paints done his face had a faint green hue for around 3 days so I am thankfully we won’t have a repeat of that.

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Overall we really enjoyed the Face Paintoos and I have already recommended them to my sister as a gift idea for when my nephews go to birthday parties. Piglet has been asking when we can do it again, and considering we’ve got another 19 to use before they expire in 6 months time I’m sure it won’t be long! I love how it gives the effect of professional face paints with minimal effort and none of the messy clean up afterwards.

We were sent a party pack for the purpose of carrying out this Face Paintoos review. All words and opinions are my own.

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