When we were viewing houses we knew we would probably have to buy one that needed quite a bit of work if we wanted to afford something in our desired area. We weren’t afraid of doing a bit of work, but we didn’t quite anticipate how much work would be needed when we viewed our current house and fell in love. Even as we walked around viewing it we were discussing what our renovation priorities would be in order to get it to a state where we could move in, never mind full renovate our future family home.

I was pregnant when we bought the house, and so we knew we were going to have to prioritise certain jobs over others. We didn’t have any plans for home additions. We wanted have a safe place to bring our little baby home to, but we did have an end goal in mind. We made a list, and this was the order we chose to carry out the work in.

Home Renovation Priorities

1. Bedroom

First and foremost, we wanted a bedroom completed so we could move in. We chose to do Piglet’s bedroom, because it was the one room in the house that was not going to be affected by any of the other work that was to be going on. It was big enough for all 3 of us to live in for a while, so we sanded and painted it, and got a new carpet laid so we would have a safe haven amongst all the chaos.

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These days that bedroom is shared by both the boys. It is a mismatch of cots, changing tables and toddler beds at the moment, but with Piglet’s 4th birthday just around the corner we have big changes in mind. We plan to get the boys a low bunk bed and new drawers, so we can maximise floor space and give them plenty room to play up there as they get older.

2. Central Heating

Pretty high on our list was to get the central heating looked at. We knew from when we viewed the property that the boiler was 24 years old and although it was working at the time, there was no guarantees it would continue. Knowing that we would soon have a newborn in the house we decided to start looking at central heating boilers straight away.

We had the whole system flushed and cleaned too, and as part of our new central heating installation we got the Hive. With the winters we have here in the north east of Scotland I have been very thankful for a reliable boiler!

To make the most most of our new central heating system we still need to add insulation to our home. We have a huge basement and lose a lot of heat through it. The house was built in the 1930’s so it’s not the most efficient when it comes to keeping the heat in, so some extra insulation would go a long way to keeping us warm.

3. Family Bathroom

When I was heavily pregnant with Piglet I was “showering” by crouching in a big bath in a cold room downstairs and pouring a jug of water over my head. The house didn’t have a proper family bathroom upstairs, and we didn’t waste much time in making arrangements for one to be fit in. It meant changing around the layout upstairs a bit and losing the master bedroom ensuite, but it was so worth it!

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4. Family Living Space

The biggest job in our house project was creating an open plan living/dining/kitchen area. We needed to take down 2 load bearing walls and get a building warrant for the work. We spent a while with an architect making sure the layout we chose was the best use of the space. We finally got our building warrant and started work around a year after moving in to the house, and completed it 6 months later.

At the moment it is working perfectly for us, but once the children are older I would like to add a dedicated work area to this space too. In my ideal world would this would include a beautiful concrete desk that I would keep perfectly tidy at all times…….. but I know that will never happen!

5. Gardens

Once the internals of the house were finished we turned our focus to the garden, and that is the stage we are still at now. We essentially ripped out everything in both the front and back of the house and starting from scratch. We wanted the front of the house to have curb appeal, as the original was a bit dated and hard to maintain.

Out the back we are making the best use of the space for the boys to be able to get out and enjoy themselves as much as possible. We have put in new fencing, a deck, railings on the patio and some artificial grass. Toss in a playhouse and trampoline and it was near enough perfect! We still need to get a BBQ and some more garden furniture, but renovations seem like a never ending job!

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