I don’t want to jinx it, but this winter hasn’t been to horrendous and I am starting to optimistically look towards Spring. The weather here in the North East of Scotland is always a bit temperamental, and even in the height of summer it is rare that I’ll leave home without a jacket of some kind. But I’m looking forward to those milder days where I can ditch the big winter coats and be more comfortable in a lighter jacket. To help us prepare for Spring, Lighthouse Clothing have sent us new jackets to try out.

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Who Are Lighthouse Clothing?

Lighthouse are a Belfast based clothing company. Life in Northern Ireland can be as wet and windy as it is here and the clothes are designed with this in mind. The are committed to well crafted clothing, with a focus on styles that won’t go out of fashion. This, along with the fact they are UK based, gives them a big tick in my book as they aren’t about fast fashion and their location reduces their carbon footprint compared to other companies.

The Lighthouse Clothing website tells you to “Live the moments. Don’t rush them.” Their clothing is practical yet stylish, with jackets and coats at the forefront but also a lovely selection of dresses, tops, shirts, trousers, scarves and bags – to name but a few. They are all in the classic coastal style, making them perfect for mix and match outfits in a capsule wardrobe.

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Lighthouse Clothing Jacket Selection

It is rare that I can shop for our whole family from one brand. The boys will wear whatever I tell them to (for now!) but I have my own preferences in what I will have them wear, while JHogg has a style he prefers and I want my own clothes to make me feel good too. I was really impressed with the range of styles available from Lighthouse for jackets and coats – and these are what we picked.

Islander Jacket

JHogg selected the Islander Jacket in Oxblood for himself. We both love the deep red colour, dark enough that it’s not going to show up every scuff or mark but still bright enough that you know it’s not just plain black.

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The Islander is waterproof, breathable and machine washable – a must when it’s going to be worn on adventures with 2 little boys! There is a cotton lined hood, and it is hidden in a zip on the neck. The drawcords are a nod to the nautical Lighthouse style.

JHogg found it a good, comfortable fit. He spent a few moments working out all the pockets and zips, declared it nice and hasn’t complained since – so I’d call that a success!

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Bowline Jacket

Drawn in by the vibrant colour, I selected the Bowline Jacket in teal. The bright colour screamed Spring to me and I am so pleased with the way it is brightening up my wardrobe already.

A woman standing in a teal jacket in a park, while a boy in a bright yellow jacket is in the backgroundA woman in a teal jacket from Lighthouse Clothing. She has her arms up rearranging the hood on the coatA woman standing in a teal jacket in a park, while a boy in a bright yellow jacket is in the backgroundRelated Post: Maternity Style With Tiffany Rose

The length of the jacket is exactly what I was looking for. I prefer a longer coat as otherwise they tend to ride up when I pick up kids or sling a changing bag on my back, but I’m also quite petite so don’t want them to be so long that I look like a child playing dress up in Mummy’s clothes! It is designed to sit mid-hip, but as I am only 5’3″ it sits a little lower, but I am very happy with that.

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The Bowline is showerproof, but unlike JHogg’s jacket it is not fully waterproof, meaning it is not suitable for use in heavy rain. It is lightweight and cotton lined, and I really like the detailing on it. The zip works two ways, which is perfect for when I want to access my pump and don’t necessarily want to fully undo my jacket.

A close up of the Bowline Jacket from Lighthouse Clothing in Teal. It shows a shoulder with a cord and the Lighthouse Clothing symbolA mother and two children are on a bench in a park. The woman is wearing a teal coloured raincoat and her sons are in yellow jackets.Related Post: Solo Parenting

Anchor Jacket

For the boys I couldn’t resist the Anchor Jacket in Sunshine. I don’t have them matching very often, but I do love the look of the two on them together in the same coat. I prefer to avoid characters or too much pattern when it comes to the kids jackets, favouring simplicity and practicality.

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The major appeal of the Anchor Jacket in Sunshine was the colour. With 2 kids I often worry about one of them wandering off out of my sight when we’re out and about, but there is no hope of them being missed with such a vibrant jacket. It gives me peace of mind when we’re in the park or at the beach, and also when it comes to safety next to roads on the way to preschool.

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For both of the boys I sized up (2-3y for JJ and 5-6y for Piglet) due to the sizes available. I would have preferred the option of a 4-5y for Piglet as he is turning 4 later this month, but is tall so the 2-3y would have been far too small for him. I have actually found that, although the coats are a little bit big, they don’t actually swamp the boys and by the time we get in to Spring properly they will probably fit really well.

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The Anchor Jacket has a soft rubberised feel to it, and I adore the blue and white striped lining in contrast to the yellow. It is waterproof and windproof, keeping my boys dry and warm so they can focus on play and fun.

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Would I Recommend Them?

Absolutely. The casual, effortless style of the Lighthouse Clothing Jackets is exactly what we need as a family. The fact that the jackets are all machine washable is a huge plus point for me, never mind the variety of colours and styles that we can choose from. It is a bit thumbs up from the Hoggs!

We were sent these these coats in order to write a Lighthouse Clothing review. All words and opinions are my own.