When we bought our family home we knew we were signing ourselves up for a big job. I was pregnant with Piglet at the time, and we can a vision for how to change the layout and make a practical family home that we could, hopefully, spend the next 20 years raising our children in.

We had a list of priorities for the renovation and were soon making good progress. Choosing taps, door handles, light switches and plug sockets was not my idea of fun, but I at least knew that if we changed our mind down the line we could relatively easily change them out again. However, choosing flooring is what I found particularly difficult. There is a certain finality about it, and when you’re paying a lot for something you want it to last. The right flooring can make a huge difference to your home – so what should you get?

Flooring Options For Your Family Home:


Carpet is usually what covers most of the floorings in homes. It comes in a range of prices, from affordable to luxurious, meaning there is a carpet to suit most budgets. We put a relatively cheap carpet down in my boys bedroom. We were pre-empting years of spills and accidents and anticipate having to change that carpet sooner than any other flooring in our home.

In our bedroom, the hallway and second living room we used a thicker, more hard wearing carpet. Fairly neutral colours mean we can change the colour scheme down the line if we want to without having to change the flooring.

A grey room with grey walls and carpet, and a grey bed with different shades of grey bedding with white and yellow flowers
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Solid Wood

I longed to add solid wood flooring to our open plan kitchen, living and dining space. I fell in love with a natural oak floor, knowing that it would go well with our existing furniture and would tie in the traditional style of our home with modern decor. Unfortunately it was out of our price range, but I do hope that one day we can add it as it’s such a beautiful addition to a home.


We opted for a laminate flooring for our open plan space instead. Scratch resistant and durable to a point, it is a good option with young children. With laminate you are unable to sand and refinish like you would with solid wood flooring, and it is not as aesthetically please as solid wood, but it is affordable. It is also easy to install so you can do it yourself if you want to save some extra money too.


Our entrance vestibule and both bathrooms have tiles in them. Tiles can make or break a room, and can be difficult to rip up and replace, so it was important to me to get it right. We chose plain tiles in grey and black so that we could redecorate or accessorise the rooms differently without having to change the flooring. We also added underfloor heating to our family bathroom to take the sting of the cold out during the winter months.

A white bathroom with black flooring tiles
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Polished Concrete

I would have loved a polished concrete floor in our main living space. I love the industrial style and it’s so easy to clean. It wouldn’t work this time as it would have just been too cold without underfloor heating in our home, but it would also have been wonderfully cool in the hot summer months. When we eventually overhaul our basement I hope to opt for polished concrete flooring there instead!

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