With two kids of preschool age it is no surprise that Peppa Pig is a semi-permanent feature in our house. Even just the hint of someone whispering “Peppa” gets a snort from them both, and we have had a range of toys over the years that have fulfilled their ever changing needs. These days though both boys love having little figures to act out scenes with, and so the age of playsets is upon us.

Peppa's Shopping Centre Playset toy
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Peppa’s Shopping Centre Playset

As you would expect, Peppa’s Shopping Centre Playset is a toy shopping centre where Peppa can grab a bite to eat, buy some toys and do a bit of shopping. There are 4 main sections spread over 2 levels, but with changeable accessories so you can role play with 6 shops in total. A working lift is the cherry on the cake for interactive play!

What Is In The Box?

The play centre is pretty much ready to use straight away. There is no need for any assembly, aside from adding batteries to the microphone, so there is no worry about fiddling around when the kids get their hands on it.

The set comes with one Peppa Pig figure, but is compatible with other Peppa Pig figures and playsets so you can easily expand the play. Each of the shops has a figure built in to the scenery so Peppa can pretend to interact even without any additional figures. There is a cardboard Daddy Pig in the lift that my boys insisted on leaving in place!

Peppa's Shopping Centre Playset toy in it's packaging
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The set also has the following items for Peppa to interact with:

  • Restaurant table and 2 chairs
  • 2 Shopping trolleys
  • Reversible shop shelving
  • 2 Tills
  • Cookie plate
  • Microphone
  • Groceries

Peppa’s Shopping Centre Features

Working Microphone

On the top of the shopping centre is a working microphone. There are 3 buttons, each making different sounds. The red button gives a ding like a till, the yellow is the noise that is usually made before tannoy announcements and blue plays music. The microphone also works as a traditional microphone – much to the kids delight and my dismay! However it is detachable so I have made it magically “disappear” for short periods to give my ears a rest.

A kids microphone on the top of a Peppa Pig playset
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Automatic Lift

Another of the major features of Peppa Pig’s Shopping Centre is the working lift. It’s the perfect size for Peppa to get in, and if the kids would let me shift Daddy Pig out of the way I reckon you could get one of the trolleys in there too. To use the lift you push it down to the bottom and hear a click, which holds it in place. Once Peppa is in the lift you press the button firmly and up the lift goes by itself! No surprises that this is my boys favourite feature and the lift appears to be in near constant use.

Changeable Playsets

The shops on the second level can be changed, giving 2 more shops for Peppa to explore. The restaurant changes to become an ice cream parlour. You change out the background and swivel around the sign at the top. The table also changes when you twist it, hiding the plates of pasta and replacing them with dishes of ice cream.

Peppa Pig standing next to a table with ice cream on the plates
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On the other side there is a cake shop that changes into a toy shop. On this side there is a shelving unit that can be changed around depending on the style of shop you want, as well as changing the background and sign.

What Did The Kids Think Of Peppa’s Playset?

The shopping centre is big enough for 2 kids to play with at once which is great, and both my boys have been able to play side by side. There are a lot of cool features and accessories, but for our family we would probably have preferred to forgo a couple of the smaller accessories in favour of another character or 2 to play with.

A Peppa Pig figure with a shopping trolley in a toy shop
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It is lightweight, which is perfect for little ones to pick it up and run away with it to stop their brother having a turn – always a plus in their eyes. Both my boys tend to choose to take the items outside of the playset and use them in front. I think this is because there are just so many accessories to use that it gives them a bit more space to move things around.

A Peppa Pig figure at a table in front of a Shopping Centre playset
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Peppa Pig’s Shopping Centre playset has been a big hit already, and we are looking forward to expanding the set with more characters at Christmas.

We were sent Peppa Pig’s Shopping Centre Playset for the purposes of carrying out this review. All words and opinions are my own.